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Anthony D. Smith: Culturist Hero

Dr. John K. Press   Anthony D. Smith (1939-2016) is a culturist hero. Alongside, Samuel P. Huntington (1927 – 2008), Smith inspired me as I wrote ‘Culturism,’ in 2006. Many will recognize Harvard’s Huntington for his having created the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ model. But, though he taught at the London School of Economics, very few know about or appreciate Smith’s

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Dissident Dispatches: The Culturist Review

When, at the 2017 American Renaissance Conference, Arktos’ CEO announced they had published a book about Christianity, I cheered. I have long complained of Arktos’ focus on neo-paganism. We need to save the West! Christianity is already nominally adhered to in the West and has a pervasive infrastructure. As such, I’ve argued that Arktos needs to promote the idea of Christendom.

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