In Praise of Deconstructing Race and Gender

“A deconstructive analysis and rhetoric, rooted in our own principles, can act for us as a sort of metapolitical shield of Perseus. We need not worry about making our own worldview heard above the constant squawking of the fake news media; just perfect a few ideas and arguments, present them as logical conclusions to the dominant narratives, and all the exquisite poisons prepared for us by progressivists turn back on them and corrode their own legitimacy.”

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“My Angel is a Centrfold”

Andy Nowicki “Centerfold,” a Billboard number-one 1983 hit by J. Geils Band, is a unique pop anthem in which the speaker mourns the marring of a girl’s purity and the obliteration of her innocence. It is the only “radio song” in recent history—of which I am aware, at least—in which such thematic ground is covered. This is surprising, given the undeniable

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