5 Culturist Lessons From Whining Black Athletes

Studying black athletes’ recent ‘take a knee’ campaign can help us ‘take back our country.’ But, only if we heed the five vital culturist lessons they teach us: 1. Black athletes give us a way to taunt black men generally. As detailed in my infamous “Grab ‘em by the @&#%” music video, on the court black athletes claim to be

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Europe’s Third State

Among those who seek the defence and resurgence of Europe, one common point of controversy is the issue of national independence versus European unification. Perhaps one reason for heightened controversy at present is that Richard Spencer has long been a champion of unification and a devil’s advocate for the EU, while Greg Johnson favours sovereign nation-states for all viable ethnic groups in Europe. So I should start this piece by stating that my own position on this question, which is in favour of unification, has nothing to do with the dispute between these two figures.

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