Unscrolling the Narrative

Daniel Barge

The establishment is increasingly baffled at the way people are thinking. They can’t understand why all their old mind control techniques no longer work.

Dammit! Time to make another scary documentary about the the threat that the Alt-Right pose to society. Just gotta get the right mix – a few shots of LARPy kids wearing spooky masks with ominous music and a “just like you or me,” well-spoken non-White to point and sputter, and things should be back on track, shouldn’t they?

Erm…not quite.

You see, the documentary I am referring to is this one made by ITV, where they try to conflate actual civil nationalists like Anne Marie Waters with a so-called banned “terrorist” group like National Action.

National Action, BTW is a terrorist group that didn’t do any actual terrorism, but which merely LARPed it up as Nazis a bit when the Daily Stormer was still pushing that kind of trolling (I believe this site was the leader in realising how limiting that tactic ultimately proved to be.)

One of the ITV reporters involved in this documentary also spent several months undercover, infiltrating nationalist and civic nationalist groups to secretly record the things their members say in private. Shockingly these were incredibly similar to the things they say openly and publicly, so obviously money well spent there.

But the establishment and its propaganda organs have a bigger problem. First of all, despite all the scare-evoking trappings in the doc, the thing that is being presented is not in itself actually scary. In fact, I’m sure that the idea of White people starting to organise a bit is actually quite reassuring for most people, all except the most brainwashed and self-loathing Whites.

But more than this, this documentary didn’t come at me through the large, fully controlled IngSoc screen in my living room. Because there isn’t one.

That may have been the intention, and that may have been the reality back in the days of the gatekeeper media, but this is not how people today encounter this documentary. I encountered it, in excerpt form in a social media feed that – unfortunately for ITV – placed it next to videos like this one showing a thuggish, hate-filled, racist Black-on-White attack.

A charming juxtaposition!

All I had to do to see the absurdity of the “scary Alt-Right” documentary was to scroll down a little.

Yeh, I should be really, really worried about a few well-mannered, non-violent Whites realising the need for implicit or explicit identity politics, while remaining totally unconcerned about brutal, racist-inspired sheboon attacks on tiny White girls for no reason other than savagery and the hatred that is spewed on White people 24-7 by the “White Guilt Industrial Complex.”

Videos like this are commonplace and virtually all show the same thing: Black people making an “eloquent” case not to be left within striking distance of White people.

Thanks to the changing way that people consume media through the internet, this is the kind of ironic juxtaposition that the establishment’s propaganda is increasingly facing.

Propaganda only works as a total monopoly. Even a partial monopoly, as exists today, is ineffective, because it simply increases the “viral value” of those nuggets of truth that are not suppressed. Videos like this beat-down of an unfortunate White girl go viral for no other reason than that they are not being shown in their proper place, the main news programs.

The medium is the message and the message the medium is increasingly presenting us with is that very little in the multicultural paradise works, including its propaganda.