Life and Death by Lottery

Colin Liddell

People often underestimate the importance of luck in life, but the fact is that in our increasingly chaotic societies it is becoming ever more important. Take the recent terror attack in New York that took 8 lives, carried out by Muslim Uzbek migrant 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov.

The terrorist was only there because he had won the “Diversity Visa Lottery,” which exists to devalue American citizenship and identity by equating it with the whims of fate. The lottery is just that, a lottery that gives out 50,000 visas every year to foreign nationals from a multitude of exotic and dysfunctional countries.

Indeed, the degree to which the millions of Third Worlders allowed into the USA under the scheme don’t fit in is not even an issue. In fact, it is the whole point, because they wouldn’t be very “diverse” if they did fit in, now, would they?

But luck didn’t just play its part in the entry of Sayfullo Saipov into the USA. It also played its part in who would be murdered by him.


The vehicle used in the attack.

Saipov had existed for years just like any other Muslim migrant, going about his business slightly freaking everyone else out, but not too much. Until one day he suddenly went full “Allah Akbar,” in his case driving a rental truck down a New York bike lane, no doubt to the screams of SWPLs.

If he had gone to the proverbial “snack bar” a day or two earlier or a day later, a different group of people would have died, and the numbers would probably have been different, either higher or lower.

Significantly, there was no way of knowing when this would happen. Saipov had been vetted, and there appear to have been few or no warning signs. Some reports even commented on what a cheerful, happy-go-lucky chap he was. But, whatever his outward demeanour, he was, in essence, a human time bomb that no-one knew for sure was ticking. This too was a lottery—a lottery on a lottery—and with a first prize, a lifetime’s supply of death.

In situations like these, there is often nothing that you can do, but only those who listen to their inner “prejudices” have some chance of survival. But, of course, that is not encouraged. Instead we are encouraged to be blind and trusting at all times, essentially resigning ourselves to blind luck, submitting to Fate.


To a large degree, the official “Diversity Visa Lottery”—and the unofficial “Diversity Death Lottery” that walks hand-in-hand with it—are deeply Islamic in character.

A blind belief in luck and fate is the very essence of Islam, which literally translates as “submission”—submission to the will of Allah. All that happens to the passive and the dead is at his bequest. So, accept!

That, is what the ever-wise Sadiq Khan, mayor of London and a Muslim himself, obviously, meant when he said that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a big city.