Brexit Hangs Like a Shadow and a Pestilence Across the Land

Colin Liddell

When it comes to nationalism, Britain is now the sick man of Europe.

The recent German election proved that. A formerly cucked nation now has over 90 nationalist representatives in its parliament, sniping at the weakened Merkel.

Britain, by contrast, has zilch.

Apart from a few DUP members from Northern Ireland, the only “nationalists” you will find in the UK Parliament are Celtic Cultural Marxists, like the SNP, who hate England and the English.

In almost every major European country, nationalism is represented on the political level in some form or other, whether civic, cultural, implicitly racial, or even overtly racial. The UK, by contrast, has become the desert of nationalism, where simply having racial nationalist beliefs is now considered “terrorism,” while actual terrorism is just a noisy prelude to hug-a-Muslim events.


Of coursh!

Worse than that, the ascendant political force in the country is now a Labour Party that is so left-wing that it would have been considered toxically unelectable in any year prior to the current one (it wouldn’t even get elected in Venezuela).

Make no mistake about it, the Labour Party is a clear and present danger. They have been ahead in the opinion polls since immediately after June’s general election, and the party has a lot of youth and energy in its ranks.

By contrast, its opposition is looking tired, old, and bedraggled, and more importantly unwilling to connect with a vast dormant populist base that is out there, ready for the taking, and which could be used to blow the Left to smithereens.

On the so-called right, we have just had the party conference of UKIP. They managed to change their logo to a lion with a rather pained and confused expression. Oh yeh, they also elected a boring-looking ex-Liberal Democrat bugman as leader. He immediately called a large part of his own party “Nazis” because they had dared to vote in the leadership contest for a lesbian who isn’t keen on Islam.

Really, UKIP, is that the best you can do? In that case, enjoy stumbling around like a zombie as bits of your body drop off.


Conference time!

UKIP’s main problem is that it has no political function that isn’t served better elsewhere. Yes, it still postures hard on Brexit, but there are elements of the Conservative Party that do that just as well, and they have actual elected representatives in Parliament who can make a difference. What do UKIP have? Merely some members in the ineffectual European Parliament that they have successfully put out of a job.

UKIP are clearly bleeding members. Slightly more than 10,000 members voted in the recent leadership election, compared to more than 15,000 in the previous one less than a year ago.

But this is extremely odd because the party always existed as a receptacle for those on the right dissatisfied with the Conservative Party, but the fact is that the Conservative Party is a complete mess at the moment. Indeed, it is such a disaster that in the same way that the chaotic Middle East generates millions of refugees fleeing to Europe, the present Tory party should be generating droves of ex-Tories fleeing to UKIP.

The fact that it isn’t, means that something deep and sinister is wrong with the conventional model of British politics.

While Labour has a large membership of over half a million, the Tories, even while they are the party of government, are facing membership oblivion, with membership plummeting from 140,000 four years ago to 100,000 today. This has all come out in an interview with John Strafford, chairman of the Campaign for Conservative Democracy, in the leftie Tribune magazine:

“Membership of the party – which is a closely guarded secret – has plummeted from the two last published figures of 149,500 and 134,000 in 2013 to around 100,000. The biggest drop has been since June when the Tories failed to gain a majority in Parliament.

He says two well placed sources have told him the situation is so dire that in 300 out of the 650 Parliamentary constituencies party membership is now as low as 100 people or fewer.

The figure means that not only are the Conservatives well below Labour’s soaring membership of 569,500 but are either neck and neck or below the membership of the Liberal Democrats – who have also seen a jump in members from 61,000 to 102,000.

Mr Strafford said: “The party is facing oblivion. If you take the fact only 10 per cent of the membership is likely to be very active they will not have enough people on the ground to fight an election – they won’t even have enough people to man polling stations on the day.”

Along with the falling power of the Tory press to influence voters, this was a major reason why Theresa May did so badly in the June election. Her opponent Jeremey Corbyn was and still is a toxic Leftist twat, but compared to the Tories, the Labour Party had actual boots on the ground, and hands knocking on the doors, as well as more sophisticated tech-driven means of getting the vote out.

In recent years the one issue that really galvanized the British people was Brexit. Don’t believe the “just 52% voted yes” narrative either. If Jo Cox hadn’t been blown away by some loony that the media managed to spin as a nationalist days before the referendum, the Brexit vote would have been in excess of 60%. One reason Brexit was so popular that it could even overturn the combined might of the British and EU establishments, was because it channeled other, potent and more forbidden energies. For many, Brexit was essentially an expression of an ethnic British pride and spirit, and a proxy for anti-immigrant feeling.


Are the plague years of British politics upon us?

But since that glorious eruption, the country has been wading through a grim ash-strewn landscape of interminable and complex negotiation that has sucked the oxygen and energy out of British politics, especially for those on the right, whether in the Conservative Party, UKIP, or leaderlessly waiting for something more nationalist to manifest.

While Brexit remains unresolved it is hard to focus on other key issues and draw new battle lines against mass immigration, multiculturalism, Islamism, or even perennial Leftist economic illiteracy. This is because the nature of the future Brexit deal could cut across all of these. In this grey limbo land, the wider right is shriveling, while the Left seems oddly empowered by the darkening skies and encroaching mists.But since that glorious eruption, the country has been wading through a grim ash-strewn landscape of interminable and complex negotiation that has sucked the oxygen and energy out of British politics, especially for those on the right, whether in the Conservative Party, UKIP, or leaderlessly waiting for something more nationalist to manifest.

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  • I’It might be even worse to come because there is a bit too many liberties being taken by foreigners and thier internal agents. They are there to weaken and confuse a populace. It is a war now. Those liberties have not been answered yet. But they will begin to be. and there will be nothing left.

    American freedom Union- my ass.


  • I’m not British- but love them and think the world won’t make it without them. They may be able to do without us. I am American and will go down with our Ship. I won’t abandon or betray our Ship. When the war comes- i want to die in it.

    You will not strengthen Britain by weakening Her. Or handing Her to the EU. You will not fight American influence in Britain by weakening and breaking Her up. You will not weaken USA with your propaganda or philosophical maneuvering either. And She will not grow stronger as part of the EU. She will dissolve away. Britannia always have to be free. And it has got to be British.

    Europeans feel weak and wants to know it’s power again. They think they have to band together to this. they think that they can keep all eyes against USA. Or maybe sometimes against Russia. They may be right…or they may be wrong. The propaganda war against USA has been raging for a long time and now it is on overdrive since Bush. It will do damage. It has in some quarters. We are just slow on the uptake.Many Brits now feel closer to a still white and cultural Europe than an increasingly Latin American style USA. They will not tolerate our presence much longer under the present conditions and trends.

    Americans will hold back from giving the European the what-ho becuase they dont want to make trouble.

    this treachery and war the alt “Rightosphere” is engaged in will not prevail. it’s not correct. It doesn’t come from a place of love for your own people.

    Britain can do this. she is much stronger than She knows. I notice on Her trade lists- she doesn’t pay enough attention to Canada and Australia and New Zealand. Meantime, EU is wooing Canada away. And China/Asia is taking Australia. Everyone loves and trust and know the British. The EU is pulling your chain.


    • Twice we went to war for these people. That’s enough. It’s time to cut the British loose and let them go down with their ship.


  • The reason the Britain’s Tory government is such a mess is because it selected a talentless, uninspiring, anti-Brexit female to lead the country out of the EU.

    One is hard pressed to say whether Theresa May is as poor a negotiator as she seems or if she is intentionally screwing up the negotiations so as to undermine Brexit. But, either way, it spells doom for the Conservatives in the next election unless she is replaced by a politician who is eager to take the U.K. out of the EU and who has the courage to call the EU’s bluff and simply walk out with no trade agreement in place.

    Unfortunately, it does not appear that there is such a Conservative politician.