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The New Right and What It Can Offer the Rest of the World

This article was published at the original Alternative Right site in October 2011. Unfortunately, with all the intellectual ferment then going on, it failed to be make much of an impact despite its many merits. Akda makes the case that the problems now besetting the West will ultimately beset non-White countries as well, and that the spread of Alt-Right ideas to the developing world will also strengthen the Alt-Right in the West.

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Political Incorrectness and Bursting the Moral Bubble

“Much like the rest of 4chan, /pol/ is designed to mock and insult. In a more specific sense, it mocks and insults the moral pieties of the modern western world, relativizes them, and reduces their value as a moral standard. Regardless of whatever you might think about 4chan, it is not a place for intellectual exchange or rigor. It is rather an aesthetic medium, which like most of the internet, appeals to instincts, prejudices, tendencies and emotions.”

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Transition from Modernity: A Review of Alexander Dugin’s “The Fourth Political Theory” (Part 1 of 2)

“Dugin’s solution to the problem of Modernity and Post-Modernity, both of which he also associates with Unipolarity, is the Multipolar Theory. This theory, along with his theories on Dasein, the Radical Self and the Ontological dilemma of Postmodernity, plays a prominent role in the 4th Political Theory. In formulating the Multipolar Theory, Dugin draws heavily upon the Eurasian tradition, submitting the idea that the world should have several centers of power, each of which will be independent from the others.”

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