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Marine Le Pen: Storming the Globalist Bastille

“When Marine took over from her more fashy papa, she deftly began to reform the image of the Front National, taking on ideas from De Benoist’s New Right and other progressive rightist intellectuals. She moved the party in a more centrist direction, used new language, and reformulated Western politics as a showdown between Globalism vs Nationalism. And what do you know? This appealed to a much wider audience and has brought her within a stone’s throw of victory.”

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Why the Globalist Elite Should Drop Hillary and Support Trump

“Forget the minutiae of the election and petty politics just for a minute. At a higher level, Trump is attempting to re-direct the actual course of History itself—along a Hegelian dialectical model and away from the present system of the ruling elite, towards a new dawn. To be precise, he is proposing a right-wing populist nationalism as an antithesis to the globalist New World Order thesis.”

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