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Book Review: “Mad” by Jonathan Bowden

“If you’re a teenage Nietzschean, you’ll worship this book. If you masturbate to pictures of Ayn Rand, blare Burzum from your iPod speakers, and constantly whine about you’re being oppressed by the untermenschen (despite the fact that you still get an allowance from your parents), Jonathan Bowden’s word salad will be like catnip to you. Just don’t shoot up any schools after you’re done.”

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Who Cares What Women Think?

“The idea that women are important to any kind of ideological or philosophical movement, beyond being in the background as wives and mothers, has zero basis in history. From the time of Sumer up to the 20th century, virtually all great leaders, thinkers and artists were men. Aristotle, Galileo, Michaelangelo, Napoleon: all men. “

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