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Of Nazi Pugs and Soviet Pigs

“This latest example of internet censorship in Britain cannot fail to bring to mind another pioneer of anti-Semitic comedy on these shores, the Jewish comedian Sacha Baron-Cohen, whose ‘Borat’ character sang “Throw the Jew Down the Well” and threw money at a pair of insects representing a Jewish couple. Instead of a hate crime trial and a disqualification from earning a living, Baron-Cohen got a Golden Globe and over $261 million at the box office…”

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What’s Wrong With “Inclusiveness”?

One of Britain’s state-owned Fake News outlets, Channel 4, is screening a new “documentary” at 10pm today entitled Angry, White and American. By way of a preview – and, presumably, in order to set our expectations for honest journalism at an appropriately low level – we have been treated to a clip of an angry black man haranguing a perfectly calm and polite white man. With a forbearance that surely evokes the fiery halo of ‘Saint Mandela of Tyre’, Gary Younge manages to verbally spar with Richard Spencer for a few jump-cut-ridden minutes, before furiously storming off in the sudden conviction that his interviewee “is not even worth challenging”.

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Europe’s Third State

Among those who seek the defence and resurgence of Europe, one common point of controversy is the issue of national independence versus European unification. Perhaps one reason for heightened controversy at present is that Richard Spencer has long been a champion of unification and a devil’s advocate for the EU, while Greg Johnson favours sovereign nation-states for all viable ethnic groups in Europe. So I should start this piece by stating that my own position on this question, which is in favour of unification, has nothing to do with the dispute between these two figures.

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Breaking the Liberal Shell

“This rather disgusting example of insect behaviour is echoed in an even more disgusting human specimen: the cuckservative. As the liberal ‘body politic’ of Western countries is gnawed away from the inside by leftist subversives, he too looks the other way and applies himself to eating his fill, ignoring the fact that all of his industry goes into strengthening the destroyers of his civilisation.”

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