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Manson as the Microcosm of the Convenience of Evil

Well, Charles Manson, the well-known celebrity “psycho-killer” has finally passed away. Actually, he never actually killed anyone himself, always getting his followers to do the dirty work. In many ways he was a brilliant and talented man. He certainly had plenty of charisma, and could probably have taught us all a great deal about group dynamics and PUA. 

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The Erasure of Equality

We live in the Age of Equality, but few grasp its essence. It is the yearning – after eons of organization and evolution – of all life to return again to the amoeba and sludge stage, and for all atoms to shed their electrons and become simple hydrogen again, lost in the vast Heat Death of the universe. It is the thing that the great charlatan Sigmund Freud described as “The Death Wish.”

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The Death of Sex

“In the last few decades, we have seen sexuality increasingly alienated from the human condition, monetized, and turbo-charged. Rather than being a vital and healthy force of procreation, it has been turned into a deathlike caricature, a conduit for ‘social diseases’ and aberrant forms of carnality that have nothing to do with procreation. “

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