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What’s Wrong With “Inclusiveness”?

One of Britain’s state-owned Fake News outlets, Channel 4, is screening a new “documentary” at 10pm today entitled Angry, White and American. By way of a preview – and, presumably, in order to set our expectations for honest journalism at an appropriately low level – we have been treated to a clip of an angry black man haranguing a perfectly calm and polite white man. With a forbearance that surely evokes the fiery halo of ‘Saint Mandela of Tyre’, Gary Younge manages to verbally spar with Richard Spencer for a few jump-cut-ridden minutes, before furiously storming off in the sudden conviction that his interviewee “is not even worth challenging”.

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Freedom vs Democracy: Budapest as Symbol of the Great Divide

Duns Scotus Europe and America, the twin pillars of Western dominance in the global system, are rapidly diverging. This has been borne out by the recent experience of Richard Spencer and his attempt to hold an intellectual conference in Europe. What is the nature of this divide between Europe and America? To reduce it to its most obvious characteristics: in

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