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In Praise of Deconstructing Race and Gender

“A deconstructive analysis and rhetoric, rooted in our own principles, can act for us as a sort of metapolitical shield of Perseus. We need not worry about making our own worldview heard above the constant squawking of the fake news media; just perfect a few ideas and arguments, present them as logical conclusions to the dominant narratives, and all the exquisite poisons prepared for us by progressivists turn back on them and corrode their own legitimacy.”

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The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Blue Haired Freaks

“The fundamental utility of leftism is that one can dress like a slob and claim to be “fashionable,” espouse thoughtless opinions and claim to be an “intellectual,” and morally signal while being a complete degenerate. This also makes it a low-threshold system of easy access, which is why it has traditionally appealed to the young, the immature, and the untalented.”

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Who Cares What Women Think?

“The idea that women are important to any kind of ideological or philosophical movement, beyond being in the background as wives and mothers, has zero basis in history. From the time of Sumer up to the 20th century, virtually all great leaders, thinkers and artists were men. Aristotle, Galileo, Michaelangelo, Napoleon: all men. “

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