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Trump is a “Racist.” Good!

Hewitt E. Moore The New York Times recently published an “op-ed” piece titled, “Trump is a Racist. Period.” by Charles Blow. Charles Blow is an angry middle-aged Black man who writes a column on Monday and Thursday for the New York Times. He’s divorced with three kids, and openly bisexual. Mr Blow graduated Magna Cum Laude from Grambling. Professionally, Mr Blow is definitely infatuated with

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Americans Dream Of Deporting ‘SLEEPers’

“The media and Democratic Party coined the term ‘DREAMer’ from the propagandistic name of the DREAM Act – which is supposed to stand for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. So when asked for the meaning of ‘SLEEPer’, we can say that it refers to the real agenda behind DREAM and DACA, which is SLEEP: Senate, Lower house and Executive for Elite Progressives.”

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Why the Globalist Elite Should Drop Hillary and Support Trump

“Forget the minutiae of the election and petty politics just for a minute. At a higher level, Trump is attempting to re-direct the actual course of History itself—along a Hegelian dialectical model and away from the present system of the ruling elite, towards a new dawn. To be precise, he is proposing a right-wing populist nationalism as an antithesis to the globalist New World Order thesis.”

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