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Of Nazi Pugs and Soviet Pigs

“This latest example of internet censorship in Britain cannot fail to bring to mind another pioneer of anti-Semitic comedy on these shores, the Jewish comedian Sacha Baron-Cohen, whose ‘Borat’ character sang “Throw the Jew Down the Well” and threw money at a pair of insects representing a Jewish couple. Instead of a hate crime trial and a disqualification from earning a living, Baron-Cohen got a Golden Globe and over $261 million at the box office…”

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Build Walls, Not Bridges

“There is a clear belief among the authorities that taking a hard-line approach will ‘alienate’ Muslims, and thus push more of them into the arms of radicals. This idea is mistaken. Rather, the continuous cucking and signals of weakness being emitted by Western leaders seem to be encouraging further attacks, as is the pathetic response of the general public, desperate to signal how tolerant they are to all Muslims.”

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How to Make Paedophile Gang Rape Acceptable

The multicultural, transgender paradise that is present-day Britain seems to be getting cold feet recently about its sacred mission to immeasurably enrich the lives of its citizens. This is a pity because without a full-frontal, 24-7 media blitzkrieg promoting every form of diversity and perversity, there is a real danger of progress slowing to a halt and reactionary tendencies setting in.

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