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Manson as the Microcosm of the Convenience of Evil

Well, Charles Manson, the well-known celebrity “psycho-killer” has finally passed away. Actually, he never actually killed anyone himself, always getting his followers to do the dirty work. In many ways he was a brilliant and talented man. He certainly had plenty of charisma, and could probably have taught us all a great deal about group dynamics and PUA. 

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Taking Out the Mugarbage: Is China Behind the Zimbabwe Coup?

Alt-Right News There are signs that China could be behind the military coup that is underway in Zimbabwe, the African state, once known as Rhodesia, that has been under the rule of President Robert Mugabe since 1980. The present situation appears to be that the army, under the command of General Constantino Chiwenga and Major General Moyo, have imposed military control and

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Israel isn’t Real: The Exposed Will-to-be of the Lobby Dependent State

Let me be very clear here: I like the Jews and I like Israel. I especially like the fact that the state of Israel was essentially a colonial state founded at the very time (1948-1967) when the tide of history was flowing most strongly against colonialism. That almost puts it next to Rhodesia in my holy pantheon of based, un-PC states. But unfortunately, like Rhodesia, there has always been a sense that Israel is ultimately doomed.

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