The Affirmative Right

This site was set up in August 2017 when the Alternative Right Blogspot page was shut down by the increasingly Orwellian censorship at Google, the company that controls Blogger.

In October 2017, Google decided that an overtly Orwellian approach to censorship would draw too much political fire, so they decided to take a “shadow banning” approach. As a result of this they reinstated the site. This meant that we were in a position of running two sites, which was a rather onerous burden. As the Blogger site was getting more hits and costing us no money, we decided to stick with our shadow banned Blogger site, with the result that this site became increasingly defunct. So this is effectively a Zombie site and will expire on August 18th 2019.

After we switched back to Blogger, we decided to address the many problems the Alt-Right had accrued and made the decision to distance ourselves form the “Nazitardism” that the enemies of the Alt-Right and the fools within the Alt-Right had established as the definition of the Alt-Right.

On April 2nd, 2018, we founded the Affirmative Right, a movement that aims to keep all that had once been good about the Alt-Right but also deal with the very real flaws that the Alt-Right has.

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