Alternative Right 3.0

Welcome to Alternative Right 3.0.

Alternative Right 1.0 — the founding site of the Alt-Right — was founded in March 2010 by Richard Spencer.

Soon afterwards, Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell came on board, writing most of the content and serving as joint Chief Editors from the Summer of 2012 to Xmas 2013, when Alternative Right 1.0 was shut down. Nowicki and Liddell then launched Alternative Right 2.0 on Blogger (owned by Google) until it was shut down in the wake of Charlottesville hysteria.

Here is the lovely goodbye note we got from Goolag:

Hello, Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: HATE. In accordance to these terms, we’ve removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources:
Terms of Service:
Blogger Content Policy: -The Blogger Team
18th August, 2017

We have decided to keep the torch burning by starting Alternative Right 3.0

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