Red Ice should interview Culturist John !!

John K. Press

Red Ice should interview Culturist John. 


In 2007, I, Culturist John, published, the Alt-Light manifesto, ‘Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.’  It proposed culturism as an antidote to multiculturalism. I then founded the still-active culturist Brooklyn TEA Party, which battled mosques. And, I continue writing for this Alt-Right site.

But, my thought has been strongly challenged by those I met at the American Renaissance conference, (where I hoped to meet Red Ice), Red Ice’s guests and others to my right.

My red-pilling has been a long continuing process, and I would appreciate Lana and Henrik challenging my ideas.   Conversely, my long considered message could provide them some insights. It would be great if Lana and Henrik interviewed me.

Here are some topics we could discuss:


Many believe we have only two choices: An Ethno-State or Civic Nationalism. This makes perfect sense if you have not considered culturism, which asserts that the West has a specific, unique culture. If we enforce culturist laws, which recognize our culture, the hijab is banned, (rather than a civic right), regardless of your ethnicity.


Culturist policy calls for some form of repatriation of Muslims. It promotes culturist profiling at airports. It calls for legal steps to make our culture healthy again. It would be wonderful for Red Ice and I to discuss the usefulness and shortcomings of culturist policy.


From my perspective, race realism and racism are distinct. Race realism recognizes racial differences. Racism advocates discrimination based on race. Therefore, affirmative action is racist, but contains no race realism. I advocate race realism, but not racism. Does this distinction hold water for the Red Ice crowd?


Race realism is a necessary component of culturism. Why? Because it undercuts the multicultural argument that achievement gaps between ethnic groups can only reflect white racism.

That said, culturism is dedicated to inculcating patriotism in people of different colors. This is not patriotism to universal ideals – but specifically a love of the West, its heroes and culture. As such, it devalues ‘shitholes’ and barbaric cultures.

Thus, the culturist perspective is a necessary corrective to the race realism, white nationalism perspective. Not all whites are good – look at the SJWs. And, many non-whites are moral patriots. Culture is as important as race.


Pure White Nationalism cannot develop in America without a civil war that all involved will lose. To realistically have a largely white area, it must happen within the context of a sustainable, healthy USA.   That’s why White Nationalism could only happen after a heavy does of culturist pushback against SJWs.


Though a practicing Christian, I am Jewish by birth. And, I think I have an interesting perspective on ‘the JQ.’ From a culturist perspective, cultural diversity is real and it is important. And Jews too have cultural tendencies. To discuss this is not racist, it is culturist.


I understand rejecting the view of Christ as a universalist hippie communist. And, I understand his sayings make this difficult. Yet, given that the West’s Christian identity, history and infrastructure are already Christian, adopting paganism is a process too slow to save the West.

Instead, we must retake Christianity. Our religion birthed the Crusades. Christ is very judgmental. His view of individualism does not give unqualified approval to whim, by a long shot. Though, I am still actively researching this topic, I know it is of interest to Red Ice listeners.


Lana and Henrik would likely take this discussion in directions I cannot anticipate. But, it would be very stimulating for me. And, it would provide very useful food for thought for your listeners. I would love it if Red Ice, Bre Faucheux, Baked Alaska, Marc Collett, or any like-minded channels interviewed me.

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