Americans Dream Of Deporting ‘SLEEPers’


As Vox Day so rightly says, Trump’s remark on DACA during his State of the Union address – “Americans are dreamers too” – was a masterstroke of rhetoric. On the minus side, I have to say I’m not as sanguine as Vox about Trump’s capacity to resist giving amnesty to 1.8 million illegal immigrants in exchange for a border wall – which, given that the job of guarding it would end up in the hands of a ruling elite determined to look the other way, would serve America about as well as the Great Wall served China when it was opened to the invading Manchus. Deporting the so-called DREAMers is vastly more important than building a border wall – and this, for all its importance, is only a single battle in the long metapolitical war against their patrons in the ruling elite.

At least we can say that the Alt-Right, as the present vehicle of that metapolitical war, is far superior to both the Buckleyite conservative racket and the Rockwellian white-nat stuckment. One important reason for this is that these previous iterations of white American discontent did not understand the importance of rhetoric, and constantly submitted to the enemy’s terms of discourse – the conservatives by ignoring rhetorical attacks against them and pursuing Pyrrhic victories in the realm of logical argument, and the white-nats by wallowing in the muck of hostile epithets like ‘Nazi’ in the hope that these would one day turn into gold. The ability of the Alt-Right to challenge the language of its enemies (“anti-racist is code for anti-white”), bait them into exposing their own paranoia (“it’s OK to be white”) and simply attack them with gloriously brutal shivs (“cuckservative”) shows that we have learned to play them at their own rhetorical game.

As Vox explains, “Americans are dreamers too” works in much the same way as the #GamerGate strategy of occupying SJW hashtags (the subject of the famous meme “all your hashtags are belong to us”). It wrests the rhetoric of the American Dream away from the foreign scofflaws upon which the ruling elite has bestowed it, and gives it back to true Americans, who dream of being ruled by a government that views ‘undocumented immigrants’ at least as negatively as it would view ‘undocumented taxpayers’. However, once having successfully denied the enemy his exclusive use of a slogan, surely the logical next step is to deny him the use of that slogan altogether.

Bearing this in mind, I would like to make a couple of suggestions. First, people on the Alt-Right should stop referring to these illegal immigrants as ‘DREAMers’, while continuing to refer to the hopes and dreams of ‘American dreamers’ after the fashion set by Trump. Second, in place of the positive term ‘DREAMer’, we should uniformly substitute its negative counterpart ‘SLEEPer’.

A sleeper agent is a spy or operative sent into a state by a hostile power for an extended period of time, who remains inactive and hidden until ‘activated’, whereupon he or she will begin actively subverting the state. In this case, the hostile power is the progressivist ruling elite itself, and the illegal immigrants deliberately let into the country under its watch serve its cause in much the same way as sleeper agents: they remain undetected, often in menial positions, until they are ‘activated’ by the granting of amnesty and citizenship. Then they can bloc-vote for their political patrons against the interests of white Americans, bulk up the population statistics for the non-white and progressivist-allied demographic component of the US, and batten upon the wealth of the citizenry by becoming welfare clients of the state. (Some of them, of course, have done more than enough damage to the white population already.) The fact that this scheme requires no special intent on the part of the immigrants, other than self-advancement and perhaps a sense of gratitude towards their patrons, only makes it more effective.

The media and Democratic Party coined the term ‘DREAMer’ from the propagandistic name of the DREAM Act – which is supposed to stand for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. So when asked for the meaning of ‘SLEEPer’, we can say that it refers to the real agenda behind DREAM and DACA, which is SLEEP: Senate, Lower house and Executive for Elite Progressives.

Now, one possible riposte to this suggestion would be that many ordinary people simply don’t know what a sleeper agent is. Happily, media overreach has once again come to our rescue, as the constant spewing of fake news conspiracy theories about Russia has now branched off into paranoia about a supposed army of Russian sleeper agents in the West. And these may-or-may-not-be-imaginary people, who we are told “lead mundane lives” and don’t actually do any real espionage, are referred to by that old xenophobic epithet: “the illegals”!

You have to laugh. Stick that label on the media’s DACA darlings, however many facts may attest to its truth, and you will be subjected to all manner of porcine moralistic wailing; start hunting for spies and hostiles among them, and you will practically be accused of inflaming the populace into an anti-foreigner lynch mob. But Americans are only forced to walk on eggshells around those immigrant groups, usually brown and criminally-inclined, whose presence increases the ruling elite’s power. As soon as that empowered class comes to suspect that other immigrant groups, usually white and well-behaved, somehow threaten its power, then the taboo on inflammatory xenophobia suddenly vanishes and a pestilence of journalists scurries out to whip up a good old witch-hunt.

In this context, referring to the real illegals as SLEEPers is just a matter of rectifying a corrupted nomenclature. And it would, perhaps, draw public attention to the hypocrisy of a class that enthuses over a tide of foreign criminals while indulging in the most toxic prejudice against non-existent ‘Russian influence’. Just as long as we remember that the enemies of the West, both outside the walls of the city and within its halls of power, do not sleep. It is only our own people who are dreaming their dreams in the midst of a deep slumber, and would do well to heed our calls to wake up, for as T.E. Lawrence said “the dreamers of the day are dangerous men”.