Nordic Resistance Movement Banned in Finland

Alt-Right News

The Nordic Resistance Movement, which advocates for national socialism in Scandinavia, has been banned in Finland after a Finnish court ruled on Thursday (7th) that the group advocates violence and spreads hatred.

“In addition to offending and hateful expressions… the association urges its supporters to use violence and harassment against alleged enemies,” the Finnish court said.

The ban stemmed from a violent incident that occurred in September 2016, when Nordic Resistance Movement member Jesse Torniainen kicked a passerby who had spat on the ground in front of the group’s rally.

This caused the man to fall and hit his head on the sidewalk. leading to his death six days later. In December last year Torniainen was found guilty of “aggravated violence” and sentenced to two years in jail. Since them Finland’s National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen has been pushing for the group to be banned.

The group remains legal in other Scandinavian countries for the time being, but this case sets a dangerous precedent. With the group’s impressive militaristic discipline and “robust” attitude to antifa thugs, it is relatively easy for the lying mainstream media to paint it as the bad guy, especially when its national socialist ideology can be added to the mix.

Once again we see how fragile any White nationalist movement is that can be tarnished in this way with “Nazism.” This is because such an association removes the group from the general sympathy of the populace, allowing the state to then use “lawfare” tactics to shut it down.

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