Swedish Bleeding

Duns Scotus

It’s really hard to know what’s going on in Sweden. Any objective extra-terrestrial landing from another planet and assuming human form to investigate would come up with a number of findings that simply don’t compute.

On the one hand you have the red carpet rolled out to Islamic Third World migrants, with Christians removing crosses from their own churches so as not to offend the newcomers, and then you have a public art in which the walls of a subway station are plastered with images of women bleeding from their crotches, with the message that women should “enjoy” their periods and not be at all worried if it shows.

Really, what kind of mind fuckery is this? How is a city with a growing Muslim population supposed to rub along with this kind of extreme feminism?

There are a few possible but not entirely satisfying ways to square the circle here. One theory is that these are just two sides of the same anti-White coin, i.e. use toxic feminism to emasculate and sterilize Whites as much as possible, while the “replacement population” is brought in and strengthened in their contempt for the “departing population.”

This is a great theory and many on the Alt-Right obviously subscribe to it, but the theory also postulates a monolithic, evil, controlling elite–usually depicted as globalist Jews–who have some sort of vested interest in turning Sweden into Somalia.

For me this is where the theory clearly falls down, as nobody, not even the bitterest Jews, have any vested interest in turning Sweden into Somalia. For one thing, no more shiksa hate fucks.

In fact, it’s quite the other way. Anybody but actual Somalians would benefit enormously from Somalia being turned into Sweden by a covert globalist operation to somehow “do away with” Somalians and bring in big, suntanned blonde Swedes to the Horn of Africa instead.

Also, although Jews in Sweden have disproportionate influence as they do anywhere, Sweden is one of the least “Jewed” countries in the West.

So, what we are seeing here is a mainly a White phenomenon, something rooted in the very nature of Swedish people themselves. But what exactly is going on here? Is it some kind of crazy Scandinavian suicide thing, like the proverbial lemmings that are native to these parts?

Maybe, but with regard to lemmings, it should be pointed out that they are most suicidal when they are actually engaged in vastly expanding their territory, and that the kamikaze spirit they show on those occasions are actually part of a complex survival mechanism. Lemmings should actually be compared to berserker Vikings.

Swedish suicide by mass immigration is quite a different thing. Seemingly much more passive. But if it’s so passive and compliant with the interests of the “New Swedes” why do they go and do things that are clearly so upsetting to Muslims? Even that church that is taking down its offensive crucifixes is offensive to Muslims because the bishop is a woman. How about going even further to not offend Muslims and replace her with a bearded man?

In all these mixed messages that the Swedes send out, it is hard not to detect a tone of passive aggression, along the lines of:

“Sure, you can come and stay in Sweden with us, and practice your medieval religion, but let’s see if you can handle this feminist menstruation art? Can your dumb religion cope with a society where women are truly liberated?”


She had been “Sweded” but the Muslims managed to ‘reclaim’ her.

Indeed, it is true that the toxic feminism in Sweden gets to some Muslim women and, from an Islamic point of view, ruins them.

Alexandra Mezher, a “Swede” of Muslim Lebanese background who was murdered by a Muslim Ethiopian last, year fits into that pattern, and of course there are others. Anyway, check out the story and the scene of the crime. This was an interesting case of how Muslim migrants lie about their ages to gain extra protection and benefits from the Swedish state and then blows it all by chopping up the social worker.

The Lestist European chauvinist sees their ideas as globally hegemonic and predestined to sweep away all “inferior” systems and ideologies, including the “primitive” religion of Islam. But, in the meantime they must extend the fake, patronising hand of friendship to it under the rubric of “universal tolerance”–code for the extension of liberal suzerainty. Make no mistake, this is a tolerance that is designed to embrace in the same way that the python embraces, merely to slowly crush.

In essence it is a race between the “cultural death camps of the West,” as described here by Colin Liddell, and the ability of the Muslim migrants to self-segregate, form cohesive and exclusionary enclaves, and then out-breed the host country.

The Liberal Swedes feeling this resistance are perhaps baffled, irked, and angry in ways they do not understand and cannot directly express. So their ire flows through channels of passive aggression into the tactless promotion of toxic feminism in the face of Allah. What this weird chemistry leads to next, no one knows, but all can speculate.


  • What happened Sweden, you used to be great.


  • I have a theory, it concerns the whole West but Sweden might be the best example. What do sick animals do when they feel they are going to die anyway?.. they stop fearing predators and sometimes even go looking for them – I think this is what happens in the West.

    Nature has a way of dealing with dead-end evolutionary paths, it makes them self destruct by engaging in risky behavior and ignoring plainly obvious threats. Now what exact reason for this is is anyone’s guess, for me it’s the adoption of christianity and socialism that’s the culprit, you may have your explanation.

    Nature has it’s rules and both christianity and socialism are tailor made to spit in the face of Nature though in different ways and Nature will not take that too kindly in the long run. Those who stray too far too long from Nature based belief-systems and behaviors will sooner or later find them selves marooned in evolutionary limbo and left to slowly die-off.. though Nature tends to expedite that process once the game is set.

    What’s plainly obvious though is how this is going to end, and it won’t be pretty.


  • In the Spanish Alt Right newspaper El Manifiesto they are promoting vasectomy and abortion for Third World immigrants. For the sake not only of Spain but Scandinavians considering most of the African migrants who arrive to Spain they keep on travellimg to Scandinavia.
    It seems a good idea.