A Quick Guide to ‘The Quick Guide to Culturist Policy’

John K. Press

The 38-page, ‘The Quick Guide to Culturist Policy,’ has been published!


Via actual policy proposals, it explains how we can save Western civilization. Multiculturalists and globalists deny that the West has a core culture to protect. Culturist law is based on acknowledging that the West has a unique, specific culture; all other nations and civilizations have culturist policies; and we too have a right to legally protect and promote our culture – to be culturist.


Using the concept of ‘Western rights’ to combat the concept of ‘human rights,’ is discussed in the booklet’s first chapter. So-called ‘Human rights’ are not valued outside of the West. If the West falls, who else would promote such an idea? Iran? China? Furthermore, as the ‘refugee’ invasion illustrates, the ‘human rights’ concept is constantly used to undermine the West’s (and only the West’s) sovereignty. We must call so-called ‘human rights’ what they are, ‘Western Rights,’ and protect them by legally protecting the West.


Having established the merits of Western sovereignty, two types of culturist repatriation policies get considered. ‘Absolute’ culturists, would immediately send all Muslims back home. ‘Pragmatic’ culturists would only target Muslims associated with anti-Western mosques and practices, while working to assimilate the remainder. Both types of culturists, would immediately institute a plainly-labeled ‘Muslim ban’ on immigration, on the basis of Islam not being part of our history, with no exception for asylum seekers. But, mostly the pros and cons of absolute and pragmatic culturists’ repatriation policies get debated in this chapter.


Next, the ‘Quick Guide,’ advocates ‘culturist profiling.’ Crime statistics and culturist common sense tell us that suspecting thuggish looking blacks of crime is reasonable. Furthermore, ‘culturist profiling’ recommends singling out Muslims for airport screening and keeping them away from potentially dangerous employment. Calling it ‘culturist profiling’ instead of ‘racist profiling,’ points directly to culture and thus, inoffensively, to the common sense nature of such policies. This undermines the Left’s bugaboo wherein noticing diversity’s negatives is always deemed irrational ‘racism’ based on naught but skin color.


Education is a culturist mechanism by which you fit the young into your traditional majority culture. Only Western civilization has abandoned its traditional culturist curriculum for multiculturalism. This chapter explains that multiculturalism is worse than it seems: It doesn’t only want to ‘celebrate diversity;’ Multiculturalism seeks revenge on whites in the name of ‘social justice’. We must ditch multiculturalism’s lie that all cultures are equal and great. Non-Western cultures largely create nothing, and lead to financial disaster and violence. By reinstituting our traditional culturist curriculum, we can again promote assimilation and Western pride.


The next chapter presents wider government culturist policies aimed at testing immigrant’s loyalty. We must end dual citizenship and remittances. Western nation’s governance and voting must happen in the traditional majority language of said nations. The FCC must revoke foreign language station’s licenses. The government must never fund or facilitate celebrations of non-Western or cultures. We need to take our citizenship oaths so seriously that people who violate them can be charged with perjury and deported. Each of these culturist policies force immigrants to decide whether they want to be Americans or go back to the nation of their culture.


After this, the ‘Quick Guide’ considers non-immigrant focused culturist law. Our keeping Sharia courts illegal, implies that we already have a culture and that it has legal standing. Polygamy may make an otherwise virtuous individual happy, but it undermines our culture. Rights to gay marriage and family law must also consider the solvency of the family and family’s importance to a thriving nation. We must end welfare for the ‘non-deserving’ poor, (as we used to call them), in order to reinforce morals. Individual rights usually protect anti-social behavior. In our laws, culturist rights must counterbalance individual rights or we will fall in a burst of depravity.


Finally, the ‘Quick Guide to Culturist Policy,’ discusses foreign policy. Culturism respects other nations’ (already assumed) right to be culturist much more than it respects ‘international human rights.’ Cultural diversity is real. Cultural propensities explain why Iraq had a dictatorship. That’s not our business and it is their (already assumed) right. That is not to say we don’t bomb those who harm us into oblivion. But, afterwards, we must leave them to their own misery. We should only trade with other nations when the deal is favorable to us. ‘America First,’ (as Trump promised), is a good summary of culturist foreign policy.


Memes spread rapidly. Rightly or wrongly, people are still afraid of being called ‘racist.’ The memes ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ can help average people freely discuss America not being Mexico, the evils of Islam, black pathology and the dangers of immorality and perversion. The Left will have difficulty dismissing culturism as pure racism because their slogan is ‘cultural diversity is real.’ Ultimately we must get our political leaders to answer two questions: ‘Does the West have a traditional majority culture?’ and ‘Are we allowed to protect it?’ If the answers are, ‘Yes’, all culturist laws are justified. You can do your part by spreading the memes ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ today.

John K. Press, Ph.D. teaches at a university in South Korea. He has written a biography of the first ‘culturist’, Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) and a full-length book on culturism. His newest book is, ‘The Quick Guide to Culturist Policy.’ http://www.culturism.us has more information.


  • I am against “culturism.” We need to focus on race.

    Anders Breivik was a Culturist. In court he said he massacred those Marxists for the sake of “door handles and beer brands.” Was that good optics/white taqqiya? You tell me.


  • Dr. John K. Press

    Hi Jarl, I am not sure where you live, but let me give you my American reasoning:

    With our demographics, a racist perspective can only lead to civil war. Blacks and browns aren’t going anywhere. And, civil strife will end with the (largely black and brown) military taking over. Goodbye freedoms; goodbye legislative possibilities. If you live in Sweden, your situation may be different.

    As per the article and 38-page culturist policy paper, being a culturist does not mean you ignore race. Race realism, which I am for, helps counter the multicultural / social justice narrative wherein all differences in achievement are due to white racism. But, once that understanding and race-neutral laws are legally implemented, blacks can be proud of jazz and basketball and whatever familial remnants they can scrap together.

    Speaking of which, a focus on race, also fails to acknowledge the cesspool white culture that Cultural Marxists have pushed. We need to get our act together. And, history shows, even blacks can radically improve. Until then, I think culturist profiling a lot more helpful than racial profiling, because it provides critical cultural feedback, rather than raw discrimination based on color.

    In the meantime, I think having zero Muslim immigration and trying to unite all non-Muslims behind that; with a pragmatic culturist repatriation program, has the best chance of steering the west to safety. I thiink it is a better sell and way better option than the racist option of for war against all non-whites now. And if you’re a white nationalist, the only place you can have your enclave is in the context of a solvent west. And, if it doesn’t address degeneracy, it will fall.

    On your second point, I cannot base my political philosophy on Breivik. He was a nutter and is largely forgotten.


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    • Excellent reply sir. So far i am in total agreement with you and it is pleasant to hear a voice for culture, civilization and a future. I will be getting your book and reading it. I hope that you took a stab at providing some definition of what the culture should look like so that it is not a total abstraction as the concept of rights is appearing to be. We need concrete, implementable examples of what a real culture looks like. Yet perhaps that is the work of literature and religion to forge those examples but they are as desparately needed as philosophy. Will be curious to see if you address the issues between central and local culture. I favor local as did the founders of the USA and feel that half our problem is this “mass man” centralized horror show constructed for us by the oligarchs in their attempt to control us all with one easy stroke.

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      • Dr. John K. Press

        Your point about mass man has merit. This is a problem with both globalism and individualism, they leave a person without a sense of place or belonging. We have been evolutionarily primed to absorb culture. If we don’t provide one, multiculturalists are happy to do so. Short of that, people will naturally drift to ennui and drugs. It feels good to belong to and root for a winning team. So, even prior to details, Go WEST!

        Rights are a part of our narrative and not as abstract as commonly portrayed. Rights only exist in nations that believe in them and can afford them. China doesn’t believe in them and Africa can’t afford them. So, if the West falls, ‘rights’ will cease to exist. in the Quick Guide, I recommend we call them “western rights,’ not ‘human rights,’ which will give us pride as a part of our unique narrative.

        On the overt cultural definition, I am a big fan of the first culturist, Matthew Arnold (1822 – 1888) who said we’re grounded in Athens and Jerusalem. It is important to note that these strains are not in contradiction. Both Christianity and Enlightenment perspectives tell us that intact families are best. And, in terms of deeper cultural definition, we need to shift to the K side of the R/K continuum.

        Finally, in terms of nesting, culturism promotes the protection of the ‘traditional majority culture.’ So Birmingham, for example, may have particular traditional majority customs to promote. They will not likely contradict those of greater England or the West. What if Muslims are the majority in Birmingham? Well, Islamic culture violates those of larger England and the West. So they are not a part of the traditional majority culture on any level.

        Thanks for your interest. I look forward to any questions / comments you might have after reading the Quick guide.


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    • You make a good case against using violence, which I don’t advocate.

      As for focusing on culture rather than race, this is where I disagree with you. I read your book a while back but in it I recall that you spend many words disclaiming racism. This is what I am against, along with making residual folkways and vague generalisations about national character the basis of identity. It’s not fooling anyone and is hard to argue for.

      White nationalists are with you on degeneracy. Some are soft on the homo question, but what would you as a culturist say to someone claiming that Western culture has to be pro- gay because of our tolerant individualistic values that define us against the Moslems? I think you would get a bit tongue-tied.

      That is why I mentioned Breivik. The context for his doorknobs remark was that he was trying to explain he reasons for what he did in court. He just sounded insane, as would anyone who tried to use conservative values-talk and whatever else as a proxy for what everyone intuitively understands all this conflict is about: race. Also you can’t say that white nationalism is smeared by past violence while your side is not. At least Dylan Roof’s manifesto made sense!


      • Dr. John K. Press


        It may be time for me to undertake the long arduous task of rewriting some of my 2007 / 2011 editions of culturism. I have developed my thinking a lot since then. And, specifically, with regard to race.

        In the video linked just below, I discuss some of my evolution and more recent thinking about race. I am currently writing a book on “Culturist Literary Darwinism,” which deals with the uniting of the humanities and science. That book will present deeper investigations of the race / culture interaction than even the linked video.

        Good to get an Australian perspective. Culturism, managing the traditional majority culture, will look different in different parts of the West. But, hopefully, we are all dedicated to salvaging it and making (as our US President says) the West Great Again! And, yes, I agree, race realism needs to be a part of that revitalization.


    • Addendum: In answer to your question, I am in Australia. I always forget you are American because you sound British. It strikes me that your views would make more sense on a country with oppressive speech laws and where Muslims are the number-1 problem. In America, advocating separate-but-equal ethnic-racial “enclaves” is going to sound like Segregation to people.


    • Dr. Press

      I think we already have “culturalist” profiling. There is virtually no one in the pro-White movement that complains about a Black doctor or “white presenting” Blacks, even if they ultimately want separation. The problem is “ghetto culture.” But culture is a racial construct.

      I worked with dozens of high IQ Muslims and never had any problem with them – doesn’t mean I want Islamic immigration to the USA.

      I suspect that “racialism” and “culturalism” overlap in 90% of the cases, but I do think those of us more on the racialist side are tired of “but Black doctors are better than White trash” and “Latinos do the work trailer trash won’t do,” etc.

      At the end of the day, White people are our people and non-Whites aren’t. It seems culturalism is often used as just an excuse to downplay race and anti-White racial attitudes or to make excuses (“liberals are the REAL racists”) as if having an upper class Black or Brown neighbor means race doesn’t matter.

      The fact is that RACE is what we’re not allowed to talk about. The GOP has been using “culture” as a proxy for “race” forever – and it has simply made the situation worse. I don’t want White America to be replaced by high IQ, high functioning Japanese people either – why would anyone want their own people replaced?

      As for “the ethno-state,” as Richard Spencer has pointed out repeatedly, that is an aspirational goal, not an operational goal. We’re not even allowed to THINK about White Americans having their own ethno-state – we aren’t even allowed to have our own neighborhood. And talk about how we’re going to “deport all the non-whites” is nothing but lurid anti-white talking points meant to make us out to be monsters.

      We can’t even restrict the mass immigration of non-whites.

      We just cannot hide from race.


      • Hipster racist. The spelling is ‘culturism’ and ‘culturist.’ There are no ‘al’s included. I mention this for spreading the meme. And, also in scholarly literature, the word with the ‘al’ means the opposite.

        My article and announced 38-page book are about law and policy. We absolutely do not have culturist law. We need to, to use the examples in the article, provide heavy screening of Muslims at airports and ban them from working at nuclear facilities. Additionally, we do not have the recommended culturist welfare laws, that ban unwed mothers from getting welfare or any repatriation policy. Only non-western nations currently have culturist laws.

        When you discuss not having problems with high IQ Muslims, let’s be clear, Islam is not a race. If you have a problem with Islam, you have a problem with a culture. And, I dream of the day the GOP uses culture or race in any way. Notice that they do not discuss a ‘Muslim ban’ let alone a ‘brown people ban.’ When Trump starts talking about ghetto culture, it will be a great day in culturism.

        Discussions of race, as my work has repeatedly acknowledged, has some merit. It can help destroy the multiculturalists’ narrative wherein all non-whites failures are whites fault. And, I think including the word ‘white’ helps when we reclaim our narrative about Western civ. Whites should be proud of what they have done in the world. And, internationally, we could again halt non-white immigration, (good luck getting that passed). But, other than that, no coherent laws or policies come from it. My booklet presents 38 pages of workable culturist policies.

        Your poiint about ‘white nationalism’ being an ‘aspirational goal,l is interesting. I have not heard people frame it as that. But, I would assert that we need policies, such as immigration reform and repatriation policies, much more than goals we already admit are not “operational”. And it is worse than idle, because, I agree, the racist policy, ‘deport all whites,’ makes us sound like monsters. But, the ‘pragmatic culturist’ policy outlined in the article, of deporting all radical Muslims,’ is rationally defensible.

        Thanks for your response. It stimulating feedback. If you have more, or I missed something, I’d be happy to respond.

        – John


  • We often hear of how universities in the West be ‘decolonized’ by the POC.


    And yet… it’s Third Worlders colonizing the West in the name of ‘de-colonization’.

    How surreal.

    The colonizers claim to ‘de-colonize’ the very people(white folks) who are being colonized via mass ‘immigration’, which is really Third World Colonization of the West or Demographic Imperialism.

    Because few Western European nations once colonized the non-white world, the discourse is still fixated on whites being the colonizers even though it is now white nations that are being colonized by the Third World under the command and supervision of globalist Zionists.

    Reality changes much faster than mindsets. It’s like racial discourse is still stuck in the age of TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD even though we are living in the Age of MANDINGO and Rapper thugs.

    PS. Now, it’s true that Europeans colonized the New World and took land from natives. But how is this ‘injustice’ corrected by massive colonization of the US and Canada by Third Worlders from Africa, Arabia, and Asia, peoples with no roots and historical claim on the Americas? They are merely participating in the Western Colonization of the new World.


    • Dr. John K. Press

      This is one area where race realism is helpful. Africa’s failure is not the West’s fault. And, I agree with your comment except for one part, western colonization is not an unequivocal stain. The British unsuccessfully labored at great expense to drive slavery out of Africa. Also, British colonization endeavored, in large part, to bring colonized countries into the modern world economy. Look at how much India owes to Britain. Colonization was largely an effort to drag the non-western nations into the ‘modern’ world. The uneven results do not show bad intentions.


  • American racial dynamics are really screwy.

    Ideologically, we are told we are all part of the ‘human race’ and the blah-blah about Equality = Diversity(which is more off the mark than 2 + 2 = 5).

    But in terms of iconic power, not many Americans have it… which is why Hollywood features mostly whites and blacks(and homos and witty Jews). Other groups get some sidekick roles… like Guilermo on Jimmy Kimmel.

    Whites have the beauty thing. Even with all this anti-white ideology, whiteness as icon has lots of currency. Look at whom Hugo Chavez and Pee Wee Bush married. Blondes. And even though white males have been wussified by pop culture and PC, most romance novels still feature some white pirate type.

    Blacks have the prowess and power thing. They are seen as loudest, fastest, and fiercest mofos(or the most colorful clowns) on the planet. As US and globo culture revolves around sports, blacks get lots of iconic mileage.When I was young, two athletes I heard of most was Ali and Pele. And Rap music and styles has permeated into every nation. BBC news & entertainment feature black male and white female as the ideal in iconic terms. Black males are seen as toughest males, and white females are seen as best-looking females.

    Long ago, whites feared and suppressed black power, but they’ve come to surrender to it. Civil rights filled whites with ‘guilt’ and awe at MLK’s oratory as black god. And black music and sports filled white guys with worship for blacks — even conservative white guys in college worshiped Walter Payton and Mike Singletary — and white girls with Jungle Fever. One of the most conservative guys I ever met had as his two biggest heroes, Miles Davis and Bob Marley.

    So, white people want blacks to succeed and gain power and become leaders and dominate American society. Ideologically, whites will claim to value everyone equally, but in iconic terms they are smitten with blackness. Subconsciously, they do see blacks as the superior race. It’s like how Romero depicts the Negro in DAWN OF THE DEAD. He has it all together while the white guys eventually lose it one way or another.

    Problem is most blacks tend to be childish, stupid, idiotic, petty, and/or obnoxious. They fail to live up to the iconography of the Magic or Masterful Negro. They may be tough but only on the level of trashy thugs. And many fail in school. This is why whites have to look to Africa to get the cream of the crop. African culture is more conservative and its elites(cream of the crop) are bound to have higher IQs and education. Anyway, whites want blacks to lead and dominate, but blacks fail at this spectacularly because so many of them care more about Air Jordans and ‘twerking’.

    With Asians, it’s the opposite. Yellows and Hindus have no iconic value. To be sure, yellow women have some iconic value as Suzie Wong or ‘me so horny’, but it’s iconography of submission, i.e. yellows are the feminine race that should put out to the superior manlier races. So, American view of yellows is as a people who should follow and serve whites.
    As for Hindus, the guys have some iconic value as ‘Babu’, but this is just clown show. Hindu males are seen as cartoonish merchants or chatty nerds. Amusing but not to be taken seriously. So, whites don’t see Asians as leadership material or forces of domination. At best, the view is that Asians should be ‘model minority’ drones who should just serve Americans. The idea of Asian dorks, nerds, or drones(blander than even white bread) taking leading or elite roles in America seem… just wrong, against natural way of the world.

    But, Asians tend to be more committed to education and pose a real threat to white enrollment, esp at elite colleges. So, the people that whites regard as inferior or worthless(in iconic terms) seem to be gaining too much, far beyond what they should.
    When China was communist China was closed off, yellow entry into US was limited to SK and Taiwan mostly. Also, as Japan became successful and population leveled off, Japanese mostly stayed home. But the Vietnam refugee crisis and opening up of China led to huge movement of peoples.
    As for India, its ‘socialist’ economy didn’t have much to offer to the US until the 90s. But neo-liberalization led to tech boom, and US companies welcomed tons of Hindus to work in Silicon Valley and other tech-financial areas. And this put tremendous pressure on white middle class.

    In a nutshell, whites want to serve blacks, but blacks fall behind; whites want Asians to serve them, but Asians pull ahead. But white males can still get some kind of revenge by taking Asian wombs as Asian-America is smitten with all things white(despite anti-white ideology adopted by many Asians; power of icon is that strong; it’s like even fervent Zionist men marry some blonde ‘shikse’ because they have a Portnoic obsession with its iconic value). But race-mixing will dilute what is unique about the white race, and in the end, all will lose… except blacks.


    • Dr. John K. Press

      Gubbler Chechenova,

      I’ll give a longer response in a moment. But, you might really enjoy this thread about race and attractiveness:



    • Dr. John K. Press

      Gubbler Chechenova,

      There is truth in everything you write. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it put together so succinctly. This would make a great article. And, the Suzie Wong reference, you’re killing me!

      Your writing reminds me of the book, “The Lucifer Principle.’ It talks about testosterone and the Clash of Civilizations. So, for example, when the West was on top, Islam had low status and kept its mouth shut. But, with our decline and Iran in 1979, it started to strut. As with individuals, nation’s position in the pecking order determines the way they stride and strut.

      It would be enormously healthy for us to take absolute pride in western civilization. This would raise the status of whites. And, it would allow them to strut around. A culturist emphasis on morals would (as Christianity and biology dictate) once again put the mind above the body. This would demote the importance of sports as a source of esteem and shame blacks for their twerking. It would also provide whites with standards to live up to.


  • I have now comlpletely read your book. I want to say that you have done an admirable job and i think three things.

    1) it needs a tiny bit of editing in order to weed out some seeming contradictions. It is somewhat unclear as to how you perceive muslim immigration. At one time apparently making room for them as long as they adher to a pledge made to the country and the constitution while later on seeming to outright ban all imiigration from muslim societies. Offering my opinion i would suggest that as culturists we place a ban on immigration of all non christian peoples. I beleive that the foundations of the west are christian and the assimilation of non christians into our lands in the end is a hopeless effort. If for explicit reasons we feel a need to import non christians we should make their presence here acceptable on a provisional basis and not consider citizenship until the next generation after sufficient assimilation has been shown. As such i would not allow for any immigrants from the middle east, or asia unless verified christian. The question of latin america, esp. mexico requires some deep thought before resolving itself just yet.

    2) the alt right would be greatly served if your writing were to become the new gospel outline of the group. One would expect to find a rapid rise of support amongst the usa population. The current path taken on the road by the alt right is going to be a long one with limited hope of success. What you have written provides a quick rise to ascendency with practical suggestions for doing exactly what is necessary to save ourselves with a far more clever engagement at the politcl level. Your approach walks right around the common attacks thrown at us by the left.

    3) you have written what should be become a starting platform for the political party which now needs to emerge and which will challenge the hegenomy of the currently degenerate republican and democratic parties which have now become nothing but useless in dealing with issues sensibly and in offering any solidity to the people of the west. This third party should be being formed right now and the perspective leaders of office should be groomed for power as we speak.

    All in all excellent work. I pray and hope that people will take your socument with the seriousness in which it was written and conclude to adapt to it as a roadmap for the future. You have redefined the arquement in terms upon which we can win.

    I will be following up with the reading of matthew arnold. I assume you are familiar with the work of roger scruton who is pretty much right where you are and a solid voice of reason in defense of culture and civilization. And if you are interested in pleasant but enlightened reading try this easy novel by a woman named natalia sanmartin fenollera called the awakening of miss prim. I am about to start rereading it for a second time to verify my first impressions which were tnat it quite nicely describes a place where the tradional ways of the west are taught and inculcated into the people. I have no affilitaion with her but only seek to expose people of like mind to others of like mind and thus to allow each tomcontinue their work side by side.

    Thanks for writing. Excellent stuff.

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    • Dr. John K. Press

      Senhor Botero,

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am doing what I can to make the memes ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ go viral. I too hope that someday the wider alt-right sees their strategic value.

      The confusion around Islamic immigration policy stems from my presenting two different options: ‘Aboslute Culturist’ and ‘Pragmatic Culturist’ immigration policy. If this wasn’t totally clear, you’re likely right, some editing is in order. Thank you.

      I like your idea about restricting non-Christian immigration. I think it is easier to implement a Muslim ban by simply banning regions. The regional approach helps as it is hard to tell who is lying about their religion. But, I think from a culturist perspective, your suggestion makes a lot of sense as it officially writes our Christian heritage into law.

      I have not read Scruton or Fenollera. I will look into them. Thank you for the recommendations. http://www.matthewarnold.us has more on Arnold. I am currently writing about him as the founder of ‘culturist literary Darwinism’ (that a video on my Arnold website discusses). He was an amazingly deep and prescient thinker. His relevance repeatedly astounds me.

      Thanks again! John


      • Ah yes, i do remember you making that distinction you made and apparently i lost the context of the two points somewhere in the writing. Thanks for the reply. I think you are on the right track. Do check out scruton. I think in the main you and he would be supportive to each others thoughts. The other is a novel that depicts, at least as i remember from the first reading a couple of years ago a culturists community based in tradition.


  • One the first Red Pill I took was in a trip to Sweden in 1997: a lot of blacks, browns and yellows there. Funny because Sweden never had colonies in Asia, America or Africa. Sweden had colonies in the Baltic.
    Another Red Pill was in a trip to Ireland. Same thing. In fact, Ireland used to be a colony until 1916.
    How many European countries had colonies overseas?: England, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and Denmark (if we include Greenland as an overseas colony). Period.
    Now ALL European countries are blamed and shamed for colonialism.


    • Dr. John K. Press

      And, as I wrote above, colonialism wasn’t an evil undertaking. It largely (naively) tried to drag non-western nations into the modern world. Where would China and India be without it? Other nations/races failure is NOT OUR FAULT. The West has been a tremendous force for good in the world. Heck, we created the modern world, including the concepts of rights and democracy. I am constantly amazed by the lack of gratitude from the Left and immigrants: never even one word of thanks or appreciation. Our history is NOT SHAMEFUL. WE MUST BE PROUD OF ALL OF IT !!


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