Spain Dead as Catalan MPs Declare Independence

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Stick a fork in it! Spain, as we have known it for centuries, is now done.

Viva Catalonia! Viva Castille!

This historic event follows a vote by Catalonia’s regional parliament to declare full independence on the back of a referendum in the region that strongly supported independence. The referendum, which had a 43% turnout, voted for independence by 92%. Now in a vote on Friday (27th Oct.) Catalan MPs have voted 70 to 10 in favour of independence, with 55 abstaining.

While many people in Catalonia are still in favour of union with Spain, clearly a majority with an opinion on the matter support independence. But more importantly the Spanish government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has managed to inflame passions and polarise people by its attempt at heavy-handed repression.

I’m not saying repression can’t work. It definitely can, but in order to work, it needs to be implemented by someone like this:


Chad General Franco

Not someone like this:


Soy boy Rajoy

In response to the vote by the Catalan parliament, the Spanish senate has granted powers to Rajoy to impose direct rule on the region under article 155 of the Spanish constitution. But this too will only inflame the situation. In fact, the more Rajoy tries to clamp down on the independence movement by using force and imprisoning people, the more martyrs he will create, thus further inflaming the situation.

The Catalonian situation presents a fascinating case of how weak liberal democracies really are in the face of strong popular uprisings, even amongst localised parts of their population. At the end of the day power is about passion, and Rajoy’s actions have basically ensured that the Catalan independence movement will have this in spades.

What will happen from now is this: the national security forces will attempt to clamp down, but instead of dealing with a few troublemakers they will be dealing with hundreds of thousands on the streets and will thus be essentially overwhelmed, and forced to cede control of parts of the state to the independence movement.

The continuing division will also cause economic disruption with no clear solution outside of doing a deal, while the only possible deal on the table now involves independence.

If Rajoy had taken a less confrontational approach and shown the Catalan people more respect, it might have been possible to cobble together some deal that kept them in Spain, but going in hard has ruined the chances of this.

Rajoy is essentially LARPing as Franco, a man who literally decreed that all Spanish universities should be built so that police horses could ride through their corridors, but unfortunately for Rajoy no one is convinced by his tough guy act. This is because “to be Franco” you have to be prepared to bust heads, clear the streets with gunfire, and then round up as many people as you need to. There is no way that a European liberal democracy can operate in this way, so there is zero chance of Rajoy’s actions panning out in the way he hopes.

Now Rajoy has dissolved the Catalan parliament and called for fresh elections. This is unlikely to produce a pro-union majority. The independence campaign has two options — to run in these elections or to boycott them. If they run they will probably win, but if they boycott they will probably win too.

Whether you want it or not, independence is coming to Catalonia, and after Catalonia, who knows what other identitarian forces will be unleashed in Europe?


  • Independence aborted.

    No need of cops or military. Just administrative measurements.
    Local government has been ceased. Central government takes control.
    Members of the local government who don´t accept cesation wiill be acused of usurpation of role facing no jail but a serious fine.
    It seems they would be OK facing jail and being “martyrs” but they are not so OK about paying a heavy fine.
    You should know Catalans: they are not a martial-clerical society but an industrial-trading society. And that is OK. And in many other ways they are a fantastic society.: they are very civilised, very nice, very hospitable and very artistic, but let´s say bellicosity is not in their system. They are very pragmatic.
    The chief of the local police (yes, Catalonia has their own cops, so “oppresed” they are but central government) has already accepted cessation. ZERO oposition to the orders of Ministerio del Interior (Home Office).

    This secessionist episode has been quite different to the episode of 1934. This one has been lead by women, manginas and cry bullies such Ada Colau (major of Barcelona), Anna Gabriel (leader of the far left), Oriol Junqueras (he has cried -literally- in front of cameras many times these days), Gerard Piqué (kind of opinion leader, soccer player and Sakira´s hubby. He cried in front of the media, too), Carles Puigdemont (the hesitating erratic weak leader).

    Feminist secession aborted.
    No problem.


  • pimientochoricero

    so, the catalonians who favour the secession of Catalonia from Spain are identitarians, while the ones who favour the union with Spain are not identitarians? If so, we, the Spaniards, should consider the muslims who are on behalf of the Sharia in the United Kingdom as identitarians (why not, according to your algorithm?-there are hundreds of thousands of them) and the good old British people as the ones who are crushing the legitimate identity of this muslims. And,, as you try to do with Catalonia and Spain, work on behalf of the creation of a khalifate in Great Britain, so that other identitarians find their way in Europe.


  • “While many people in Catalonia are still in favour of union with Spain, clearly a majority with an opinion on the matter support independence. ”

    According to elections to the autonomic parlamient since the late 70s until now the number of seats of the independentists in the parliament swings from 48% to 52%. That is obviously not enough to claim for a secession.
    Besides: they have, as said, their own parliament, their own cops, their own local goverment, their own public healthcare, their own public education, their own “embassies” abroad, their own inmigration policy (very shitty, by the way: importing a lot of Pakistanies when Catalonia has NOTHING to do with Pakistan). They have more autonomy than a German Länder.

    This is a totally mangina-feminist secession with all the typical mangina-feminist deluded thinking.

    And more: Catalonia is united by royal marriage to the rest of Spain since 1469. Many time. At that time Catalonia was just a shire of the Corona de Aragón (Crown of Aragon).

    And, yes, Catalonia, as said, is an industrial-trader society meanwhile central Spain has been historically a martial-clerical society, but Catalonia has been always supported military and economically by central Spain. Defending them from Turkish pirates, giving them a lot of money to develope their industry, opening them the trade to the New World, protecting their products with custom tariffs to Dutch products which was their big industrial competition at the time (XVII Century) etc. They couldn´t make it without central Spain.
    It ils like in the dialectics Industrial-Trader society vs Martial-Clerical society, Athens would be supported by Sparta or the Nederlands would be supported by Germany. As it was, at least to an extent.

    This “secession” should be study as a mental case.


  • After Brexit, Catalonia is the next domino to fall. The sooner the EU breaks up, the better.