Phalanx Cucks!

Daniel Barge

With the Alt-Right about to march into another “street battle” — actually a peaceful demonstration where antifa will probably bombard our guys with piss bombs, mace, and worse — the big debate in the Alt-Right is all about optics.

On one side, you have the likes of Matt Parrott and Mike Enoch saying, more or less, “Don’t sweat the optics” and “So what if a few guys do a little harmless Naziing?”

While on the other side you have Andrew Anglinyes, I know — and Ricky Vaughn saying “C’mon guiz, whose picture do you think the media is going to put on the packet if you allow people to heil Hitler and swastika at the demo?”

In my view, Anglin and Vaughn are clearly in the right here. Public demonstrations like this are (1) PR events and (2) a competence test of our movement to be a disciplined and unified group that normies can ultimately rely on to behave responsibility.

c-ville flag no 4 - Edited

The now infamous Charlottesville swastika flag with its mystery bearer and neat fold lines.

If we can’t stop some doofus parading around with a swastika, then it’s clearly not a vote of confidence in our ability to run a future state, ethno of otherwise.

Those who think we shouldn’t sweat the swastika stuff have come up with a memey term to get their message across — “opticscucks” — and a whole way of thinking that is actually quite leftist in its crass individualism.

This is partly a repackaging of the meme “they’re going to call you a Nazi anyway so you may as well go full lampshades and ovens, 1488, sieg heil!” But there is also more than a hint of ex-libertarianism in there as well, along the lines of “Freedom, bro, you can’t stop it.”

Nice theory, but let’s just put this notion in another context, that of the supreme military machine of the classical world, namely the almighty phalanx.

This formation was quintessentially European in nature, and gave ancient Greeks and Macedonians a massive edge over their less coordinated and unified opponents. Now, imagine saying what is said about “opticscucks” to the hoplites in the phalanx.

“Phalanxscucks are wrong not because they’re wrong about having twenty-foot long spears, but because they think the phalanx can be controlled. There will always be someone who just doesn’t want to stand in line.”

A phalanx that operated on that principle wouldn’t survive too many battles intact. So it is with these street demonstrations. Some unity and discipline is essential, even if not on the scale of the ancient Greek hoplites.

We all know that something really bad is going to happen some day — maybe today. It will probably be caused by antifa or someone just losing their cool, and, when it does, all that the media will need to start the next crucifixion of the Alt-Right will be evidence that (a) we condoned violence in some way and (b) a few swastikas to hang the whole scary story on.

After that we can expect another even more brutal crackdown followed by a few months or years of wasted time as we repair the damage.


  • If only it were just a matter of weeding out undisciplined stragglers from our phalanx! The truth is, this movement contains two organised communities or ‘phalanxes’, oriented in completely different directions:

    1) The official community (i.e. the one everyone says they want), based on white racial identity and opposition to the enemy ruling coalition, collectivist, reality-oriented, led by the most virtuous, competent and committed individuals;

    2) The unofficial ‘shadow’ community, based on edgy signalling and verbal catharsis, defined against normal society per se, individualist, internet-oriented, “led” by those who can outdo most other people in taboo-breaking edginess (even if they happen to be spouses of Jews, non-white government officials, or incompetents with unalloyed records of failure).

    Back when the Alt-Right was just a vague catch-all term, these two communities did not have to come into direct conflict: the first one could get on with political organisation and activist work, and the activities of the second worked to lessen the power of the “Nazi” slur by turning it into a big stupid joke on Twitter. But now that the idea is to centralise the Alt-Right and push it into real life, and Nazi imagery is being used as an excuse for serious repression in order to stop this, we have to either divorce these two communities or be like the proverbial frog crossing a river with a scorpion on its back.

    We need to understand that people in the community 2) thrive on self-marginalisation, gain status from it (which they usually can’t gain in any other way), and would lose that status in the event of a mass normie conversion to Rightism. So as we convert increasing numbers of people to one formerly taboo position, these people have to stake out an edgier position, and demand that others either assent to it or make obeisance towards it (e.g. “no punching to the Right”). So if nationalism is now all the rage, it suddenly becomes “necessary” on the basis of twisted rationalisations that we rediscover the wonders of Nazism, and so on and so on. As with leftists, there is no point making concessions to these people, as they will never be satisfied and their committment to their “ideals” is just a veneer for social signalling.

    I don’t doubt the sincerity of individuals like Richard Spencer and Matt Parrott, who as far as I know have always been part of community 1), while Anglin and Enoch seem to be members of community 2) who started to “get serious” and migrate towards community 1). But none of them are making this essential distinction between those who want to serve our cause and those who are, consciously or otherwise, determined to sabotage it at every turn. Remember, all that is required is to put up the equivalent of a signpost outside the door: SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY.


    • Matt Parrott’s chief intellectual contribution to his movement is the idea of creating, in his words, “radical subcultures” – he wants to bring “community 2” off of the internet and into the streets, complete with costumes. Parrott has gone so far as to attempt to create “IRL Secret Societies” where he was attempting to get young men to join these little clubs, swear their fealty to saints, and then dress up in costumes and go out in public.

      Heimbach and Parrott have a really, really consistent record of purposefully, with aforethought, going out of their way to alienate “normies” and then using personal character attacks (usually involving false allegations of a sexual nature and false allegations of financial impropriety) against anyone who points it out.

      1. Parrott is a Mormon, Heimbach is a Baptist. But when they decide to LARP as religious, they pretend to be Eastern Orthodox Christians – in other words, the one denomination that is the most alien to America.

      2. Parrott and Heimbach and their two followers created signs designed specifically to get recognition from the $PLC, using a picture of someone getting lynched and then marched around on a college campus with these signs reading “Lynch Modernity” “Lynch Communism” “Lynch Zionism.”

      3. Parrott and Heimbach are now flying banners reading “100% Socialist” – “socialist” being essentially “satanist” to the “working class” people they pretend to want to appeal to.

      4. Heimbach goes to conservative pro-white groups, declares that America is a Freemasonic conspiracy that must be destroyed, then tries to lead the audience in a chant of “death to America” on camera.

      I could give you dozens of similar examples.

      Parrott and Heimbach are educated people, they aren’t making “mistakes” or getting a “little bit off message” or just “not worrying too much about optics.” Parrott and Heimbach have a decade long record of going out of their way to create optics meant to alienate the public, defame the pro-white cause, cater to the anti-white media, and confuse and turn off the very working class Whites they pretend to want to appeal to.

      After a decade of this I don’t see how anyone can pretend they are in any way serious about creating a pro-white movement.

      The record is really clear: once Obama was elected, Matt Heimbach was made a celebrity in the media, even though he had zero followers, and then Heimbach and Parrott spent the next decade finding every infiltrated and defunct Klan group and “neo-Nazi” club and recruiting the very worst, most normie-unfriendly elements, and organized them to do media stunts.

      Their record of behavior is so obvious I can’t understand how people don’t see it.


      • Well, I put both Spencer and Parrott in “community 1” because I think they are basically sincere about what they are doing. There’s no denying that both of them have done far too much pandering to “community 2”, apparently on the assumption that it is some sort of vanguard of The People or The Working Class or The New Generation, when in fact it is proudly toxic to all of these wider groups and would never want it any other way. And yes, Parrott unfortunately comes closer than anyone else to making this a point of doctrine:


  • You need firm stewardship like the EDL did in UK and ban Nazi insignia or saluting as it is still effective in demonising the movement. In my view this who do that are state or SPLC operatives discrediting the movement and must be banned from the movement and blacklisted. The state in the UK sabotaged right-wing movements by using infiltrators and that is obviously happening to the AltRight demos in the States.


  • It’s ironic that those who cry “Blood and Soil” don’t seem to understand that everyone of us could point to a past relative (Blood) who went over to European Soil to fight the Nazis. I know plenty of Conservative people who see the country heading in the wrong direction, do not want parts of our country turning into Northern Mexico, don’t want Muslims in the US and they think the Black Community needs to fix their own problems, who would never participate in anything AltRight due to the Nazi and Fascist imagery.


    • I have little sympathy for the “Nazis” but to ban anything is just wasting time and effort, how are you gonna police that ban?! And it’s playing right into the hands of our (((enemies))) if they can get you to ban this than why not that.. and the other things.. so where do you draw the line? We don’t need to be united in any official organizational capacity we just need relative unity of goals it’s even better if we are not fully united(look my comment below). And for those who can’t join us because of some Nazi symbolism?.. we don’t phucking need those cucks! if they can’t get over their mental barriers then they would only be a liability to us.


  • The Phalanx would not last a second on the modern battlefield, it would be a perfect target for any modern weapon. Same goes for “our” movement we cannot ever represent a unified, monolithic target we must disperse and snipe from the hilltops and bushes the more *cough* diverse *cough* we are the better.