We Must Rip Away the Left’s “Nazi!” Safety Blanket

Colin Liddell

The most astounding meta political phenomenon of the modern age is the prominence of “Naziism” as a dominant cultural and political trope. In fact “Naziism” today is almost ubiquitous. Rather like it was once said that you were never more than 10 feet away from a rat in a modern city, so in today’s political discourse you’re never more than a few sentences away from the Nazi trope: Trump is “literally Hitler,” the new Chancellor of Austria is a “Baby Hitler” who must be killed, and according to Dinesh D’Souza the Democrats are the real Nazis etc., etc., ad infinitum…yawn!

But, as usual, it’s the Alt-Right that is at the centre of things, with everyone and his dog striving to dismiss us as #NaziScum, who were “defeated on the Normandy beaches by brave, multicultural marines, who saw no colour,” and will be “defeated again” by chants of “Black Lives Matter” droned endlessly and unrhythmically by “Black allies” in the University halls of the land.

White privilege

Best to keep masochism out of politics.

Looked at from a coldly objective viewpoint, the prominence of the Nazi trope in our modern metapolitical discourse is astounding for three reasons:

REASON ONE: It appears to gain greater dominance the further we move away from actual Nazism itself. In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, Nazis in movies were portrayed as relatively normal people who just ended up on the wrong side of a war. There was no need to demonize them as uniquely evil. Of course, this was before such fine, upstanding citizens as Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Toe-sucking-Tino, took a hand with such finely balanced and objective movies as Inglourious Basterds (2009).

A prime example of how people viewed the receding Nazi chapter in history is the 1965 movie The Battle of the Bulge, where Robert Shaw plays a tough but entirely respectable Nazi colonel.

In the same year, Hollywood made Doctor Zhivago, also a great movie, in which “evil, mass-murdering genocidal Commies” were also just presented as a mixed bag of human beings, caught up in various historical events. It is clear that both these movies were made before our culture became truly diseased and hysterical.

REASON TWO: The Nazi trope is now used to convey a unique sense of  “evil,” but even a cursory study of history reveals it to be far from the worst ideological driver of such “evil.” Other ideological and faith systems have piled the skulls much higher and with greater glee — even if we accept the worst accounts of the Third Reich, which in some countries we must or else go to jail.

I have no wish to engage in apologetics for Nazi Germany, but, up to the actual outbreak of WWII, the Nazis had an extremely low death count. Alas, the same cannot be said for Communism. The Soviet Union killed millions of its own people, both during the Revolutionary War and then in the relatively peaceful years that followed, when it was entirely free from foreign and even internal conflict. Nor was the slaughter of millions in the 1920s and 30s a one-off, as mounds of dead have cropped up almost everywhere Communism has reared its ugly head.

I could also mention Islam as an engine of mass slaughter (to which the modern diseased West’s response is  “hug a Muslim”), or, if I wanted to turn the tables on the self-righteous West, I could dredge up various firestorm bombing raids on civilian centres, the atomic bombing of Japan, chemical attacks on Vietnamese villages, the famine in Bengal that Winston Churchill oversaw with callous disregard, and, of course, the Bush-Blair wars (“Liberal democracy — never again!“).

So, if Naziism — or anything Leftists deem to be vaguely like it — are taboo, what else can be thrown in the same bucket?

Killing Fields

Beneficiaries of the humane policies of socialism.

REASON THREE: The number of actual Nazis can in no way justify the prominence of the Nazi trope. Even if we include all the members of the Alt-Right, the Alt-Lite, and weird hangers-on like Laura Loomer as “full Nazis,” we are still dealing with an incredibly small number of people.

The same could be said for the actual number of Communists in Western societies. But where is the constant moral panic about “Reds under the bed,” etc.? By the way, how do we know this? Quite simple, because if either Nazis or Communists stand anywhere for election as Nazis and Communists, they end up scoring lower than the local dog catcher party. Does anyone besides me remember Robert Ransdell’s highly publicised “With Jews We Lose” Kentucky Senate race in 2014, or the actual number of votes he ended up with? Spoiler alert: it was 53. It is therefore ridiculous that the Nazi trope is accorded such prominence and power in political and metapolitical discourse (time for a recount).

Fake Nazi

If genuine, extremely rare.

So, to sum up our 3 main points: Nazism has miraculously become bigger as it has receded in the historical rear-view mirror; was relatively tame, compared to other ideological systems that “moralized slaughter”; and is a term that only rightfully fits an insignificant number of people today. Yet, despite all this, the term has miraculously acquired a kind of hegemonic presence in the metapolitical and even political discourse.


So, what explains this miracle? How is it possible for such a tiny bumblebee to carry such a mountain on its back?

The answer is that the tiny flier is assisted in its Atlas-like endeavors by most of the modern political establishment, especially by the Left, but also more recently by Conservative, Libertarian, and even Alt-Lite elements. But this just leads to a further question why should these elements be so beholden to the taboo trope?

The easiest way to explain this is to watch Richard Spencer’s recent attempt to communicate with leftist students at the University of Florida. Yes, the whole video…[

If you are a normal sane person, you’ll notice that the Nazi trope basically exists for Leftists to stick their fingers in their ears and go “Nya-nya-nya-nya-nyah, I can’t hear you, nya-nya-nya-nya-nyah, stop talking to me…”  etc.

This may be a rather inappropriate analogy, given the general push of this article, but I was rather reminded of Laurence Olivier’s portrayal of the Nazi dentist in The Marathon Man (1976), who operates on Dustin Hoffman’s teeth without an anaesthetic — with Spencer in the Olivier role, administering the pain to the screeching Leftists.

Quite simply, the truth and the light are searing and painful things to the ignorant and wilfully blind.

Marathon Man 1


For leftists, coddled and stewed in their hypocrisies and fallacies, to just accept the terms of a logical and rational debate with the Alt-Right is like accepting the dentist’s drill deep down into the decayed dental matter and swollen nerves of their slavering maws. Screeching attempts to drown out the pain are the inevitable result.

In such a metapolitical situation, it is no wonder that they cast around for something to make the pain stop or just avoid the whole process, in effect some kind of safety blanket to cling to. The unfortunate part, however, is that the Alt-Right actually helps give it to them. This safety blanket, of course, is the spurious and grossly exaggerated claim that the Alt-Right is the reincarnation of the Third Reich, Nazis who should be punched and denied platforms at all costs, as even their truthful ideas are just train timetables to future death camps.

As long as it can clutch at that, the Left feels it doesn’t need to address our ideas. Its intellectual dishonesty becomes a “safe space” surrounded by a wall of screeching. Hence the surprising popularity of the Nazi trope in an age in which, objectively, it no longer belongs.

With one hand the Alt-Right presents arguments, data, and truth that destroys the Left, but with the other hand it evokes the menace of the Third Reich, giving our enemies the perfect escape.

Look at what happened right after Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch’s brave attempt to intellectually engage with the students at Gainesville — three morons drive up to a bunch of leftists and antifa and start Heil Hitlering (according to police reports), forgetting that such trolling doesn’t work the same way in “meatspace” as it does in socked-up online world.


No doubt they will “see Kyle” in prison.

Now they face heavy jail time, but the Alt-Right will also serve a sentence, a prolonged period when Leftists — and those swayed by them, including many neutrals — will be able to clutch their magic safety blanket to their breast and cry out that “the Alt-Right are just evil Nazeeees” and ignore our arguments.

Of course, even without this stupid incident and even without constant references to K***s and N*****s in so-called Alt-Right podcasts and literature, the Leftists would still try to pull the same trick and assert the same lie. But, remember, the more threadbare their lies are, the less others will believe them, and the less they will believe them themselves.

So what lessons can we learn here?
What is the way forward?

First, we should not compromise on our truth one little bit. Otherwise what’s the point? If the Alt-Right is anything, it is a semi-autistic brotherhood of relentless truth tellers. None of our critiques of mass immigration, multiculturalism, the JQ, etc., should be watered down one iota.

But we should strongly consider a change in tone, away from cheap racial slurs and over-aggressive “chaddish” language that suggests to the hypersensitive that as soon as we assume power the ovens start up. Whatever we say that has a hard edge for another specific group — like IQ differences, the need for population transfers, or the fate of innocent Jews killed in the 1940s — should be couched in distinctly humane and even sympathetic terms as long as it does not compromise the principle of absolute honesty.

Really, is there anyone who can’t see how talk of lampshades and ovens by one part of our movement completely undercuts the ability of another part of our movement to even have a debate, let alone win it?

Even without feeding the Nazi trope from our end, we will still be able to trigger Leftists, because almost anything healthy, normal, or pure is triggering to these diseased minds, so no worries there.

Ultimately we defeat our enemies by debating them and demonstrating our intellectual superiority and higher moral standing to both them and uncommitted neutrals. Therefore, anything unnecessary to our arguments that we say or do that allows the Left to weave their magic safety blanket of debate avoidance is self-defeating for us.


The Left

This safety blanket is the only thing saving the Left from being crushed by us. It is therefore good tactics to simply rip it away from them.


  • you wrote:”It is clear that both these movies were made before our culture became truly diseased and hysterical.”

    Here is my theory on why the culture changed so radically–information/ideology centralization….starting after WW2 and continuing onward, the channels of information/ideology dissemination shifted away from localized transmission channels and towards centralized distribution….previously, information/ideology came from the people around you and from the church and school, both of which not as controlled by distant power centers…but in the decades after WW2, information/ideology started coming from tv, radio, and fewer and fewer newspapers….meaning that the upper class and the elite were more in control of information/ideology .


  • Actual Nazism would be a step up from the “Alt Right” which draws upon nihilism and an “evil be my good” attitude. Empirically, it is right that makes might, and turning away from right that leads to doom.

    One could point out that weeks and months of arguing (falsely) that having one’s auto attacked gives one a green light to murder had an influence on the Gainesville 3. As one who was shouting from the rafters early on at the dark turn of the movement under the self-styled “Triumvirate” let me offer the way out: a new movement based on transcendent principles wherein white racial survival fits naturally into a broader framework of rehumanization in an age where the machines, social as well as silicon, are eclipsing us all.

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  • Remember Nazism is 50%(if not more) Socialism, the easiest way of not being a Nazi is not being a socialist – the Leftist are by definition socialist so they have more Nazi in them than we (should) have


    • .. so if you wanna really trigger a Leftist tell him you are a National-Capitalist


    • The fact that the far-right party contained ‘socialist’ in the name was a rebranding gambit to draw workers away from communism and into populist nationalism.
      Despite this, the populist nationalists that support the likes of Donald Trump, regularly take the opportunity to remind modern day liberal or left-leaning critics of white-supremacists and neo-nazis that ‘Socialism’ was included in the Nazi party name.
      Hitler’s party positioned as a left-wing organisation based on his rhetoric, rather than his actions, espoused in the 1920s and 1930s to disenfranchised workers frustrated with what they perceived as a two-tier society. Neither left or right wing want to be known as the side of the political spectrum that Hitler was on, and both sides would argue he was on the other, politically speaking.

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  • I just can´t see where it would be needed a nazi for our case. I´m a racialist, and besides that, I´m a citizen. I demand self-determination and freedom of association. That´s effing all ! Where the eff do nazis come in there, he??

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  • Perhaps the alternative right is making a mistake in calling Antifa types leftist, it’s a label without sting. A better term might be urban anarchist. Most of the modern left have no interest in economic issues and are only interested in social issues like immigration, racism, radical feminism and drug legalisation. Basically, policies that increase social anarchy and undermine social cohesion. And many of them preferred to be called anarchists anyway.

    Calling someone a communist, socialist or a far leftist, made sense when western elites and mainstream conservatives were genuinely fearful of economic communism, but now traditional communism is effectively dead, anarchism sounds more threatening.To normie, mainstream ears, the word anarchy always has a dangerous, Mad Maxy edge to it, so why not make more use of it. And it would dovetail nicely with the attack on post modernism that is being conducted by right-wing liberals like Jordan Peterson.


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