Weinstein and His Women

Andy Nowicki

In the last week and a half, both Hollywood and the Democratic Party establishment has vociferously disavowed Harvey Weinstein. Even his wife is divorcing him (after 10 years and two kids, just what precisely was the “final straw,” Georgina?); likewise, and quite outrageously, Harvey’s very own brother has seen to the Wein-man getting fired from his very own company!

Before the now notorious story of Weinstein’s rapey escapades first broke, his behavior was clearly an “open secret” shared in hushed whispers between nearly all of the power players in the entertainment industry, and surely not unknown amongst the Clintons, Obamas, and the rest of the DC elite who proved themselves so prone to Pervy Winestain-chumminess, if not thoroughgoing adulation.

So what is the REAL difference between then and now? Why is the former toast of Tinseltown now regarded as a reprobate?

In the video below, Andy Nowicki examines a newly-released YouTube award-show montage unflinchingly displaying the extent of the pre-October 2017 Harvey fawn-fest among Hollywood starlets and manlets alike. Given that these same people are now falling over themselves to engage in an opportunistically outraged anti-Harvey hate fest, what can we declare about their overall character?