Is Blaxexit About to Become a Thing?

Yes, we can!

Yes, we khan!

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After Brexit, Calexit, and all the other exits, is Blaxexit about to become a thing? This is the question, after Minister Louis Farrakhan tweeted out his support for American Blacks to break away from the US of A.

Just a note for all those evil racists and bigots who think that Black people can’t make it on their own: Before they were enslaved by low-IQ Neanderthal Whites created by the evil Black scientist Yakub, they were Kangz in Egypt and sheeeit.

Now Farrakhan, the leader of America’s Black community of over 40 million people, has sided with the Alt-Right’s narrative that racial separation may actually be the best way to improve relations between certain races, when he tweeted out that it is time for Blacks to build their own nation.

Farrkhan TweetAlready there is a strong geographical basis for a Black “raciostate” (ethnostate is an inadequate term here) with Blacks dominating a swathe of counties in the Deep South, which is also the part of America with a climate that is closest to that of their native Africa.


These Black majority counties could be used as the foundation of a new African-American country — naturally led by the wise leadership of Minister Farrakhan — with a peaceful and well-funded exchange of population, eventually leading to a more contiguous state with shorter borders, perhaps like this:

Black raciostate2Of course, such a reorganisation of peoples and territories presents many challenges, but any difficulties are preferable to the present state of denial and the continuing dysfunctional multiracial and multicultural state, defined by dependency, fake guilt, alienation, crime, and hatred, in which chaos, anarchy, and genocide lurk just beneath the surface.

Whatever one may think about the “Kangz” narrative or the colourful theories of the Black nationalist movement, it’s definitely healthy for any group to have some pride in itself, and the logic of Black Pride is clearly for Blacks to have their own set up, where they can make their own mistakes, learn their own lessons, and gradually improve themselves, without the complexities and confusions of a divided multiracial society.

We therefore wholeheartedly salute Minister Farrakhan for his readiness to seize this particular nettle. As an additional parting gift, Blacks should be allowed to keep their 20 to 25% White genetics, especially as this will help them in their efforts to make their new state a success.

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  • Just carve Florida off with the rest of that mess. Its naught but Boomers and Cubans.


  • ThroggsNeckNationalism

    I believe the term is Blaxit, not “Blaxexit”


  • This seems like a more serious position than “you’ve got to go home” (to Africa). However, the proposed Gulf Coast country above is not serious for 37 million black Americans. 37 million is about the population of California. The country needs to be much bigger. I agree it would have to be in the South. So in a separation scenario, southern nationalists would need to be prepared to make major, major territorial sacrifices. It’s unserious not to acknowledge this.


    • Yeah, but not all 37 million are going to want to live in a black ethnostate, just like all 190 million whites aren’t going to want to live in a white ethnostate. In fact, black nationalism properly speaking—i.e. wanting a black state—is less of a thing than white nationalism. If anything, the territory set aside above is probably too generous. I tend to think Ryan Faulk’s map that gives them the Mississippi delta from New Orleans to Memphis is probably good enough to accommodate them—and they could call it New Benin.

      But I get that a narrow strip along the Mississippi is not an ideal shape for a state, and so if it takes giving them more land to get a deal done, I would be all for it. Hell, I would be willing to throw in all of Florida and let them reach out and grab Memphis, but I expect that white Southerners might object to that.


  • They can all move to Liberia


  • Cautious optimism rather than jubilant optimism makes sense for this situation: blacks for all their obvious deficiencies hand proved more clever than whites in recent memory, on average. You may depend on the fact that this is a play for more “gibs” rather than a beginning of a secession movement. Only if pro-whites were more prevelant in the State should something like this be considered by whites.



    • I see your point, sure Whites are great at building computers and fancy cars and space shuttles but when it comes to “social intelligence” or even more “evolutionary intelligence” they are the retards.