Charting the Change in the Putin-Phobic Party Line

Andy Nowicki

One year ago, in October 2016, we were being lectured and hectored — by deep state-connected outlets like TIME magazine — that we really ought to believe in the integrity of the U.S. electoral process.

That story changed in a hurry after Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton lost.

Once the nefarious elites recovered from the shocks and aftershocks of that cataclysmic event, it immediately became fashionable to allege that the integrity of the U.S. electoral process had indeed been compromised, i.e., that”the Russians hacked the election!!!!”  But it’s interesting to note that we were being fed an entirely different bill of (equally fraudulent) goods when it still looked like she was going to win.

In the video below, Andy Nowicki charts this change in the party line with regard to the “Russian hacking” story, by revisiting the story that accompanied the above issue of TIME magazine from October 2016: