US Forces in Afghanistan Losing to the Taliban

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According to a new database, the US forces in Afghanistan are failing in their main goal of defeating the Taliban. Not only that, but there is a strong trend towards the Taliban increasing the amount of territory that it controls and contests.

All this is despite the recent “Trump surge” in which the President announced the deployment of an additional 4000 troops to reinforce the 8,500 U.S. service members currently active in the region.


Black = Taliban control, red = contested by Taliban (confirmed), yellow = contested by Taliban (unconfirmed)

The database, set up by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), shows that the Taliban now control or contest 45% of Afghanistan’s districts, up from 40% three months ago and 34% a year earlier. In fact, the Taliban now control more territory today than at any point since 2001, and are gaining momentum. Quite literally, all the blood and money spent on Afghanistan in the last 16 years has been a complete waste.

The database, which is linked to a constantly updated map, is produced by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)3 policy institute that focuses on foreign policy and national security.

The data seems pretty objective, with the FDD explaining their methodology as follows:

“The data and research behind this map are entirely open-source. This is a living map that FDD’s Long War Journal frequently updates as verifiable research is conducted to support control changes. Any ‘Unconfirmed’ district colored orange has some level of claim-of-control made by the Taliban, but either has not yet been—or can not be—independently verified by FDD’s Long War Journal research. A ‘Contested’ district means that the government may be in control of the district center, but little else, and the Taliban controls large areas or all of the areas outside of the district center. A ‘Control’ district means the Taliban is openly administering a district, providing services and security, and also running the local courts.”

US forces are largely ineffectual as their main operational priority is to avoid casualties, as this leads to domestic political pressure to remove US troops from this piece of “strategic real estate.”

This means they operate in heavily defended cantonments that reduce their exposure to the populace. They engage in relatively few operations and exist mainly as back-up and training for Afghanistan’s 396,000 man army, which is itself ineffectual due to cowardice, corruption, and infiltration by the Taliban.

US forces have also had to cut back on air strikes and drones due to the degree to which this alienates neutrals and even allies. This means that the US has few options to counter the Taliban, whose legend as successful defenders of their land against foreign invaders continues to grow.

Bacha Boy

US attempts to impose “cultural hegemony” by interfering with Afghanistan’s ancient “culture” — such as criticising the Bacha Boy pedophile culture — has also alienated many Afghanis.


  • They complained in Stormfront that American readers will do a “culture of critique” on USA- but whenever there is a war they all turn into “patriotards”
    Except the anti-American- American cucks.

    Some of our military are saying it is like our Indian Wars. which lasted about 200- 300 years.

    And it offers life experience and live fire training for our military. They have to be somewhere. It’s a jobs program for a very expensive and large public union. Also it helps us make friends with India… and it gave the world the Internet and space program and orange powder drink ( Tang) . and now they are trying to figure out how to manufacture Water in industrial quantities from Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. So, it’s not all a waste of time and money.

    About 25 percent of American males are veterans. 2 percent of females are. Because we have been in so many wars- a large number of them are combat vets. although we aren’t actually a very warlike people- ironically..That means almost every American ( especially white Americans- but black ones too. I’ll call them collectively ‘Old Americans’ ) is directly connected to our military and patriotic culture.

    When a 3rd world country ( or any other country-like China) such Afghanistan- or some other- gets the idea that they are geo-strategically significant to USA- many ( most) of them begin to boss us around and do extortion. The tail begins to wag the dog. I like dogs very much.
    We are probably a dieing country anyway. Our leadership is killing us these last 30 years or so. So, What the whooooo?

    and since the Alt-“Right’ are anti-war activists and anti-American activists. And pro-Russian and pro-Iran activists. Most of whom live outside my country and have nothing to do with it. What do you care? Enjoy our decline. Continue to engage in your schadenfreude. and your constant agit-prop literature of “Amerikanische Verhaeltnisse. See if you can radicalize young Americans to hate ‘every shred’ of thier history and themselves. See if you can break us up and soften us.
    We have never been the smartest ones in the family. So maybe you will succeed.

    Also, some of the leadership in the Alt-“Right” are actually advocating for your own version of Bacha culture too. You find it ‘aristocratic’ and “virile’. Pining for ancient Greece and homosexual tribal “mannerbunds” etc.


    • You will not find any of the Greg Johnson Alt-Right here.

      As for your view of US history, it is about as natural and healthy as bacha boy culture. Afghanistan is surrounded on all sides by enemies of the US and the Afghans hate us. The country will ultimately revert to the enemies of the West after enough blood and treasure has been wasted.


      • My view of American history is 100 percent positive and always has been. I can’t say the same for the alt-‘right”.


        • If you had a problem with my comment about Black people being Old Americans.
          I find myself having to defend the white people from the Alt-Writers. I’m for the White people.


  • and we are going to convert them into Methodists and Baptists and Presbyterians. This is a Crusade. I love the Crusaders. The Alt-“Right” are Islamo-cucks.


  • Even if you anti-American agitators succeed- and we pull all our troops out of Afghanistan tomorrow.- and surrender to the Faggyban. We will still turn them into Methodist, Baptists and Presbyterians. Because there are stupid idiots – who- just like military families and astronauts and explorers- have long histories in missionary work. And they go where no one wants to or is afraid to. And are more dedicated than any Jihadi. But they bring civilization and good- not take it away.


  • What are we doing in Niger??? It is tied to the stabilization of Mali.
    Germany is building a base in Niger near ours. It joins France as well. It is a U.N. and French operation. There are about 15.000 international personal in the area. We are being helpful to France and Her interests. And making some interests of our own. AFRICOM is growing thing. Mali and Niger- Nigeria etc. are potentially unstable. As with Sudan and elsewhere in that region- the potential for massive humanitarian issues to arise. There are a lot of guns and under paid African troops running around.

    I said many time before we are living in an age of expansion. You guys can poo- poo it all you want. I think white people need to expand too. Take the empty space.

    it is not that our governments can’t defend our borders. It’s that they won’t defend our borders. So it will lead to major problems at home. And leave or own populations vulnerable to all manner of evil intent and manipulation. They think they have it under control- but they are wrong.


    • “Stabilising African countries” – are you having a laugh? The only way to stabilise African countries is direct colonial control. Also, I think France’s interests would be best served by having a lot less involvement in Africa as inevitably ends up with Africans camping in the Bois de Bolougne and rioting in the Champs Elysees.