Racial Epithets are Implicitly Racist

Duns Scotus

Some of you might be scratching your heads after reading that title, and I wouldn’t blame you. The level of writing and reading in the modern West is not high enough that things are routinely written or read with much precision. But I am being extremely precise when I say that racial epithets are implicitly racist.

Of course, they are explicitly racist. If a White man calls a Black man the N-word, it is regarded as insulting in a collective and racial sort of way, and vice versa if a Black man calls a White man the dreaded C-word.

Actually, it’s not dreaded at all. In fact I don’t need to even use acronymic euphemism C”-word,” do I? I can just come straight out and say “cracker, cracker, cracker…” and even paint it on my picket fence in letters six feet high. It’s no biggie. No biggie at all.

It certainly wasn’t for Michael Che, a Black ‘comedian’ on the NBC show “Saturday Night Live” who called the President a “cheap cracker” in the kind of over-politicised rant that passes for comedy these days. In a piece attempting to criticise Trump for his response to the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico, Che said:

“This isn’t a complicated issue, man, it’s hurricane relief. You just did this very same thing for white people, twice. So, tell Melania to put on her flood heels, get some bottled water, some food, pack up some extra Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl T-shirts and write them a check with our money, you cheap cracker!”

Here’s the full thing, if you want to see more: https://vid.me/e/ct3ev

Yes, NBC, a Jewish controlled media corporation that would throw a fit if any White comedian used the N-word, is completely cool with someone on their flagship comedy show calling the President an obvious racial slur. No problemo.

I’m not going to say this is because they hate White people — although, who knows, maybe they do. Instead I believe it is mainly down to the simple fact that racial epithets, in addition to being explicitly racist are also clearly implicitly racist. By that I mean that the category of racial epithets, viewed in total, tend to treat Blacks worse or frame them as inferiors much more than they do to Whites, even though the job of racial epithets in general is to push everyone down.

Saying “cracker,” even with the worst sneer imaginable, is still pretty mild stuff, while saying the N-word, even softly or with a hint of irony, is literally devastating. Why is this? After all, the N-word is merely a derivative of the Latin term for Black. Why is calling a Black man Black therefore considered so terrible?

Of course, it has something to do with the history of the word and also present day associations. But the history of the word is merely the history of what happens when a superior civilisation meets an inferior one — conquest and subjugation.

As for the associations, these are only partly defined by a distant past. Nowadays they have more to do with how Blacks behave in the here and now, and the ways in which they continue to fail. Any word that refers to them, even the most well intended, therefore can’t help but take on negative connotations. God knows we’ve tried. Likewise with White words, but in an opposite sense.

Essentially calling a Black man a Black man can’t help but be an insult, whatever his individual merits may be. While calling a White man a White man — even with the a term like “cracker” or “honky” and even embellished with intensifiers like “dumb” or “cheap” and the worst sneer possible — can’t help but be a form of praise.

What is the solution to this? Why equality of course. But not the fake equality that the Left pushes where we all have to pretend that every group is equal, but real equality. Do you have any idea what that would involve? Let’s just face it, world, you couldn’t handle real equality, not ever, not even in a million years. So, let’s just keep a handful of spicy little taboo words and bumble along.


  • Your forgetting the worst and most obvious racial slurs: Nazi and white supremist.

    Both if these words are far worse than nigger. A person can lose their job, or be ostracized from friends and family for being a Nazi or white supremist. What can happen if a nigger gets accused of being a nigger? They win the oppression Olympics. They can’t lose anything.

    Simply being called a Nazi is enough to make normies want to punch you in the face and get you fired from your job. Not only is it acceptable, it’s encouraged.

    “Punch a Nazi”,is acceptable. “Punch a nigger” is not.

    Calling someone a Nazi is the most effective way to incite violence against that person. “Nazi” is the real N-Word.


  • You raise an interesting point. I hope Duns or one of our other writers explores it in greater depth.


  • Saying that a person or a race is superior or inferior is merely the expression of an opinion. Better in what way? Based on the history of the past five hundred years, whites excel at industry and warfare. Based on more recent experience, blacks excel at sports and creating music. They also have a better sense of style.

    So, while the author is on to something, he misses the mark just a bit. What makes derogatory words for black people worse than those for whites isn’t the fact that blacks are inferior to whites but that blacks have lower self-esteem than whites. Because they feel lesser, they are more offended by negative epithets. One sees the same thing with words to describe people with infirmities, be they physical, intellectual or psychological. Eventually, all words that describe such people take on a negative connotation, first to the people being described and then with the general public. The result is that new words have to be invented to describe them but, eventually, these words too are deemed derogatory. For example, people with low intelligence were once called idiots, then retards and now mentally challenged. Eventually, mentally challenged will be considered derogatory and a new term will have to be invented.

    We will know when the race is no longer a problem in our country. It will be when blacks are no more offended by derogatory terms than are whites.

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