Alabamans Ignore “Swamp Creature” Trump to Vote in Judge Roy Moore

Alt-Right News

It now seems clear that the next Senator from the glorious state of Alabama will be Judge Roy Moore after he won the Republican primary election. In case anyone thinks we are jumping the gun here, winning the Republican Primary in this Republican-dominated state is the same as winning the state itself.

Moore defeated Luther Strange, the candidate backed by the GOP establishment to the tune of $30 million. This is not surprising, as the GOP establishment — basically people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan — are universally loathed as the corrupt, back-stabbing cuckservative scumbags that they are.

In fact, everything that Mitch McConnell touches literally turns to shit — and not the nice, firm kind — and all that Ryan breathes his sulphurous breath on dissolves into a puddle of foul-smelling vomit. (Really, you can’t get any better political analysis than this anywhere on the internet.)

But what is surprising is that even President Trump’s endorsement of Strange had so little effect. The President visited the state to campaign on behalf of Strange, but all to no avail, as voters trusted their instincts and the likes of Steve Bannon 2020, who backed Moore.

This shows that in the eyes of conservative and nationalist voters, Trump has become tainted to some degree by his efforts to work with the GOP establishment. Indeed, you can only work with swamp creatures like McConnel and Ryan by entering the Swamp yourself. Backing Strange, who is weak on all the key issues dear to Trump voters, was a clear example of this.

In his favour, it could be said that Trump may have had little choice but to work with the GOP establishment. Yeah, there is some truth in that. But the result in Alabama shows that the voters are keen to give Trump another choice, namely that of siding with insurgent radicals who are fully on board with the populist message that got him elected last year. Alabama shows that the voters are ready for this. Is Trump?

Originally published at Alt-Right News