Kneelgate! Trump Goads Goodell Into Cutting the NFL’s Throat

Andy Nowicki

Reporting from YouTube, Andy Nowicki marvels at President Trump’s masterful 4-D chess in forcing the NFL to double-down on behavior that is deeply alienating to those Middle American “Deplorables” who are despised by an ever-more arrogant corporate ruling class.

Listen here:
Kneelgate! Trump Goads Goodell Into Cutting the NFL’s Throat


  • The behavior of American blacks has capsized Jefferson’s lunatic slogan that all men are created equal, a mindset that adumbrates the collapse of this country. Nothing is equal under the sun, not automobiles, nor restaurants nor race horses nor art objects nor especially the human races. Not even sub-atomic particles are equal, we now know.
    America is a sentimental country, feminized and full of mush and can never therefore become a high culture like Greece or Florence or Elizabethan London. We should hope that the civilization that replaces us will be free of the preposterous notion of human equality.
    Tito Perdue
    Alt Right