Facebook Destroys Another Innocent Life

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Facebook’s enormous, untaxed corporate profits are driven by its user base of hundreds of millions of normal people. But the company clearly feels no responsibility to protect that base. In fact it frequently cooperates in destroying the lives of those people on whom its success was built.

This truth was made clear yet again when a firefighter was suspended without pay after something he innocently said on Facebook was dredged up to be used against him. As reported by the Daily Mail:

A volunteer firefighter from Ohio was suspended indefinitely without pay Tuesday after he wrote on Facebook that he would rather save a dog than a black man. Tyler Roysdon, 20, was informed on Tuesday that he was suspended from the Franklin Township fire department for stating that he would rather save a dog from a burning building than an African American. Roysdon wrote on his Facebook page that ‘one dog is more important than a million n*****s.’ When the offensive post was brought to the attention of Township officials, they said it was ‘unacceptable’ and removed Roysdon from his position.

You can agree with the remark or disagree. Personally, I think it’s a bit dumb, but Roysdon’s mistake was to think that his “private” online conversation would stay private, because that is clearly what this is — casual racism said for the consumption of like-minded associates.


Roysden: smoothing out the bumps in the dysfunctional multicultural state with a little private casual racism.

Now, some people might say that casual racism is bad and requires stamping out by turning social media into a Stasi-like surveillance apparatus. These are probably the same people who would approve of bugging your phone and paying spies and informers to listen to private conversations in bars.

Really, it is the same thing.

If you think people’s private conversations on Facebook should be used against them and you don’t think all phone calls should also be bugged, all mail opened, and that every bar should have its professional eavesdropper, then you are simply being inconsistent as these things are all identical.

It is obvious that most people using Facebook still see it in the same way as they see private conversations.

Now back to the issue of casual racism. As someone who believes in the separation of the races and the creation of ethnostates, I am very, VERY pleased by Facebook’s tyrannous intrusion and collusion in the destruction of the lives of its user base. Because literally nothing holds a dysfunctional multicultural society together as much as casual racism.

Such societies invariably breed racial tensions in numerous ways and these tensions add up to intense interracial pressures that can only be relieved in one of two ways, either the pressure is let out in harmless little bursts, like bitching to your friends how stupid/ entitled/ privileged/ geeky/ animalistic X/Y/Z racial group is, or it can be released in an explosion that basically changes the very structure of society.

While the more human side of me finds favour with the first option, the hard, cold, brutal logical side of me also thinks that this is merely a dissipation of energy — in fact, entropy — and that what is needed is the second option, the rigid containment and slow building up of the pressure until a clear and radical change can be effected in society.

But whichever of these options is to be preferred, it is not the role of Facebook, a mere social media company, ostensibly there to serve and profit from its user base, to make these decisions. Their responsibility is clearly to protect the privacy, lives, and livelihood of their user base as much as possible.

So, it is clear that they have to do much, much more to make it harder for hostile journalists to search into the social media histories of its users.

Indeed, in cases where the media cite some Facebook post or comment in a clear attack or attempt to harm their users, the company should deploy the full force of its legal team to challenge such actions and make the media pay the full costs of their intrusion into the private realm of Facebook users.

This is what a true social media company would do, but of course Facebook is not such a company, which is why it is ultimately doomed like that other evil organization to which it is sometimes compared.



  • I don’t know if those are the exact same thing legally.

    But, i do know that the situation is much worse than described ( even by so-called whitsleblowers) and there are grounds for hundreds of thousands of lawsuits against the Gub’mint and thier ‘helping hands” in various Social activist groups and law enforcement that have piled up over the last decade or so. Where proof of actual harm- sometimes extremely severe harm has been systematically collected. Those lawsuits would be won- all of them. There isn’t enough money in the treasuries or slush funds to compensate the victims. The breaches are too great.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch. Porno sites, funky stuff slipped into wikis and icky movies are promoted openly in our right fine society.

    ..and as we do all know…..it’s not just facebook…


  • From a psychology and scientific point of view it has been found that talking about something doesn’t dissipate it’s energy and take away it’s power- as previously thought. It actually has been proven to exacerbate it.