Video > Mark Collett: “The Poisonous Mantra of Individualism”

A frank discussion on the poisonous mantra of individualism and the suicidal idea that those on the ‘right’ should shun collectivism and identity politics. The West was built on collectivism – and when Europeans worked together their achievements held the whole world in awe. We need to rediscover the bonds with our brothers and sisters and work toward rebuilding our communities, only then can we successfully mount a defence of our civilisation.


  • Individualism in of it self is not the problem, it’s the type of individuals that you have that might make it a problem. When you have a broken, corrupt, degenerate society than sure individualism will make things only worse but if you have strong, brave and virtuous people than there is nothing wrong with individualism.


    • PS. the “Wild West” and early days of USofA was all about individualism, was it bad? I don’t think so – contrast that with the 60’s individualism, two different things entirely.