Jim Carrey, Iconoclast

Andy Nowicki

People are buzzing about Jim Carrey’s bizarre “red carpet” interview at some recent Hollywood “Fashion Week” shindig. In this two-minute conversation, the famously wacky comic actor seems not to be doing his standard shtick. There is, instead, a definite angry purposefulness behind his abundant jibes and jests.

He is taken aside by a female interviewer who apparently expects something breezy and innocuous. But Carrey displays his hostility from the start; he paces around her instead of standing still for the camera, grinning wolfishly all the while. And once he deigns finally to become stationary, he immediately unloads on the superficiality of the event. “I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could come to… and here I am!”

The woman, now a bit nonplussed, informs Carrey that the event is about the celebration of icons, to which the “Ace Ventura” star scoffs. “That’s about the lowest-aiming possibility we could come up with… I don’t believe in icons. I don’t believe in personalities. I don’t believe that you exist!”

It only gets weirder from there. Before it’s all over, Carrey has declared that in fact he doesn’t exist, nor does the world; the only things real are “tetrahedrons moving around together.” Finally, he informs her that “We don’t matter; that’s the good news,” before giving her a little condescending pat on the arm and strolling off.

What is most amusing about this interview is the effect is the effect Carrey’s behavior has upon the interviewer. Clearly, she is put off by his insinuation that this event is shallow and meaningless; she finds his iconoclasm intolerable, and grows instantaneously defensive: “Don’t icons have the power to make change, to be bold to inspire others?” she nearly shrieks, so great is her astonishment at his lack of reverence. Carrey responds with a couple of James Brown-esque grunts, then continues to repeat his earlier declaration that all of it is rubbish and absolutely devoid of worth.

She attempts to curry his favor by telling him he is dressed well, to which he spits, “I didn’t get dressed up. There is no me!

Then she makes an effort to get the discourse back to a more comfortable “social justice” level: “What’s happening in our world right now? There is a lot of news that is actually relevant!” she tells him, presumably hoping that he’ll make a joke about President Trump or engage in some other sort of virtue-signaling shibboleth. But Carrey rejoins with “Here’s the thing.. it’s not our world! There are just things happening….” Nothing will sway him from his Zen-esque nihilism.

I can’t claim to know what all of this signifies, but I do greatly enjoy the effect of it.

Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Under the NihilThe Columbine PilgrimConsidering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. Visit his YouTube channel and his Soundcloud page. His author page is Alt Right Novelist.com


  • http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/century-old-francis-scott-key-monument-defaced-with-racist-anthem-in-baltimore/article/2634255


    This antifa and SJW stuff is a satanic kind of possession. A hysteria, a fever, a dementia. These are kids who weren’t taught critical thinking but critical theory (via pop culture). These sick kids are like the possessed girl in THE EXORCIST. They think they are being free and liberated but they are possessed and under the control of some sick virus that animates them.

    In a way, the monstrous are attracted to the ‘monstrous’. They are destructive, hateful, and vicious. They get their thrills like the thugs in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. They are into anarcho-punk culture. But if they just acted like thugs, they would just be thugs and criminals. So, to justify their monstrous drives, they make believe it’s a war on Monsters such as ‘nazis’ and ‘kkk’.

    In fighting ‘monsters’, their own monstrosity is justified. But US government does the same. In pretending to fight ‘monsters’ in ‘new hitlers’, it wages all these horrible wars.
    It’s like Godzilla’s destructiveness is justified by fighting other monsters.


  • Those who aspire to lead the Alt Right needs to remember this lesson:

    “I’ve lost for all time the ancient sword of my fathers whose power was meant to unite all men, not to serve the vanity of a single man.”

    There’s been too much pissing contest of egos and recriminations among Alt Right figures.

    We need someone who can rise above the fray and lead all men and negotiate the differences.

    We need an Arthur, not a Patrick Bateman. We need a nationalist, not a narcissist.

    None has emerged yet, but the king will come… one day.


    • Wish I could “like” that a hundred times. Sick of seeing these egotist/autists sniping at one another as the ship goes down. Bunch of cackling old women.


      • This incredible journal [National Review] persists in fostering the obsolescing GOP, the dazzling party of Agnew, Quale, Nixon, Ford, McCain, Bush, Bush, Bush, Dole, Graham, Romney, Cheney, Kristol, Wolfowitz, Pearl, Brooks, Flake, etc., etc.
        What we have here ladies and gentlemen is an historical embarrassment that at last and none too soon has begun to dig its own grave. Will ever American conservatives develop a party that doesn’t desire to reduce our founding demographic to a small and ever-shrinking minority in an allochthonous hell-on earth designed to give joy to a rising China?
        I no longer even hope for such a thing.


  • I would guess that little speech was more or less put together beforehand, and he is just looking to make a little stir and maybe get a good role.


  • Carrey has had enough of being the court jester and is now showing that he’s smarter than the (((king))) – well he might be smarter but not as powerful so expect a suicide note or nail-gun-accident from him soon.


  • Blacks are known for Chimpouts.

    Whites are known for Wimpouts.

    Cuck out to Jewish Globalists.


  • White people, by far the most creative people on the planet, created our country and for 375 years composed 90% or better of the demographic. We performed brilliantly, much better than could have been done by any other tribe; now, rather suddenly, the American elite has targeted us for minority standing, a perfect example of anti-white racism.
    Would the French, the Chinese, the Azerbaijanis enjoy being turned into a minority in the countries they created?
    To live in post-modern America is as if you had built your dream house and then came home one day to find it full of strangers demanding to be fed. One can understand of course why alien races wish to enjoy benefits that they couldn’t produce in their own failed countries. Meantime white liberals continue to militate for their own displacement, perhaps the strangest mass psychosis ever evinced.
    Tito Perdue
    Alt Right