Norwegian Voters Hate Labour and Pant-Suited Harridans

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No one on the Alt-Right supports the actions of Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in terrorist attacks some years ago, and anyone who does is by definition not in the Alt-Right, being instead a lunatic or a shill. But a case can be made that his terrible actions made many normie Norwegians reconsider where mass immigration and multiculturalism were leading to. At some deeper level, it could be said that Breivik’s actions gently nudged the country rightwards.

This seems at least plausible after the country’s Conservative coalition managed to win the latest election on Sunday.

While the Labour Party remained the biggest party, as it has always been, this election marks the first time in 30 years that a right-of-center party has managed to win reelection, another milestone on the oil-rich country’s drift to the right.

The full results are as follows (coalition parties in bold):

LABOUR 27.4% (49 seats, minus 6)
CONSERVATIVE 25.1% (45 seats, minus 3)
PROGRESS 15.3% (27 seats, minus 2)
CENTRE PARTY 10.3% (19 seats, plus 9)
SOCIALIST LEFT 4.1% (11 seats, plus 4)
LIBERAL 4.3% (8 seats, minus 1)
CHRISTIAN DEMOCRAT 4.2% (8 seats, minus 2)
GREEN 3.2% (1 seat, no change)
RED 2.4% (1 seat, plus 1)

As you can see  the Labour Party, the same party whose members Breivik massacred, did badly, while smaller, more “signally” Left parties seem to have benefitted from this.

The Conservative coalition lost eight seats in total, and most of these appear to have gone to the so-called “Centre” party. But this party is actually not what it appears. It is in fact an agrarian party that believes in decentralisation, Euroscepticism, and protectionism.

In effect it stands outside the simplistic Left-Right divide that is no longer meaningful, and represents localist, anti-globalist sentiments. In many ways this party is the one that aligns best with the Alt-Right. This is attested to by their party logo which bears an uncanny resemblance to the flag of the Republic of Kekistan:

Centre KEK

Another possible factor in the success of the Centre Party is the fact that three of the four Conservative coalition parties are lead by women. Only the Christian Democrats have a male leader. As we discovered last year in America, people may have overdosed a little too much on frumpy, post-menopausal, blonde-cropped harridans in pant suits getting bossy.

So, in short, both the main trends revealed by this election are comparatively healthy. It seems that the Caliphate of Sweden will ultimately be reconquered from neighbouring Norway.

First published at Alt-Right News