Why London’s Zombie Crime Carnival Keeps on Going

Colin Liddell

Every year in London they hold the Notting Hill Carnival. It is intended to be a “celebration” of West Indian/ Caribbean culture, and every year people comment on how much gang violence, mugging, theft, and other crime it generates. It also leads to a lot of degeneracy but that is usually passed over without much comment as no one wants to sound like a prude.

This year the police decided to be preemptive in order to control the crime. They mounted a massive military-style operation with scores of dawn raids and arrested an incredible 656 people on various charges and a generally well-founded suspicion that most of them “were probably going to cause trouble.” This was supposed to nip things in the bud and send out a strong message in an attempt to dampen down the usual crime spree that the Carnival invariably unleashes.

Part two of the plan, it now seems, was for the police to “win hearts and minds” by literally rubbing up against the Afro-Caribbean community and letting themselves get dry humped.

This generated the unforgettable footage of a young police woman being pinned against iron railings by a leering West Indian and “daggered,” as they call it in the dance halls of Jamaica, while the police woman’s male colleagues blithely ignored this semi-rape:

This definitely wasn’t an isolated occurrence either:

Elsewhere other police officers, like the now viral “Dancing Dan,” were fraternizing to the best of their ability, doing all they could to look like crazy guys who just love to “par-teh” and twerk to calypso music.

Although some of them may have been fakes.

So, did this combination of a stasi-style pre-carnival round-up followed by a clown show on the actual carnival weekend succeed in stemming the crime?

Not according to media reports or Ken Marsh, the Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, a body set up to represent the direct interests of police rank and filers. He called for the event to be discontinued after at least 28 police officers were injured, with bottles and other objects thrown at them. They also had blood — possibly AIDs-infected — and acid thrown at them.

The police were more vulnerable than ever, as clearly a decision had been made to “go in soft” by avoiding “unfriendly” protective gear like helmets. Instead, many officers just wore baseball caps or went bareheaded, while they were also ordered to mix rather freely with the carnival goers.

“Twenty-eight brave colleagues went to work this weekend and were attacked for just doing their job,” Marsh said. “This is not normal. This is not acceptable. There are now so many officers being injured every year at the carnival – with more than 40 last year and let’s not forget that an officer was stabbed in 2015. What other event would be allowed to carry on regardless with so many police colleagues under attack?”

Yes, terrible that the police should actually have to deal with violent conduct from the public! But what other event would be permitted if it continually caused this much havoc? The Henley Regatta, Chelsea Flower Show, or Wimbledon Fortnight would be shut down in an instant if any of them became the kind of crime magnet that the Notting Hill Carnival now clearly is.

But it’s obvious that Marsh is not going to get his way. The enormous efforts taken by police to unsuccessfully ensure that things went well give the game away. The carnival is clearly treated with as much importance as guarding the Queen and the Houses of Parliament, maybe even more so. Shutting it down is therefore non-negotiable.

The reason for this is because Blacks in Britain, like Blacks in any other White-defined Western nation, have all the usual problems – lack of achievement, high unemployment, broken families replaced by gang culture, high crime rates, drugs, etc. — all the ingredients of social alienation. There may be a few prominent sportsmen, some musicians, and some Blacks who do the “White thing,” but beyond that there remains little to hook Blacks into the wider society. This is where an event like the Notting Hill Carnival supposedly comes in – a  big, popular shout out to all the Blacks in London that this is “their country too.”

But the Carnival is at best an inauthentic pastiche. More than this it is not even truly Black, stemming more from Latin culture than African. As such it can be easily undermined by more authentic forms of Black culture — gangsta culture — that have developed organically among Blacks in London and elsewhere to “cope” with the experience of rootless dysfunction inherent to Blacks in the globalized West. It was to stifle this more authentic expression of Black culture that the heavy hand of the establishment was brought down and 656 arrests were made.

But no matter how bad this cross-cultural interference gets, the Nottinghill Carnival is here to stay because members of the UK establishment naively view it as the “flagship of Afro-Caribbean social inclusion” — a Potemkin village display, brushed up by the BBC and others, to promote the myth that the UK is a throbbing, vibrant, successful multicultural wonderland in which Blacks have a honored place, LOL.

Injured cops, millions in policing costs, and “daggered” lady coppers is clearly a small price to pay for LARPing this hard.