Wow, the Left does Punch Left After All

Colin Liddell

Parts of the Alt-Right — or parts claiming to be Alt-Right — assert that there is one eternal truth in politics, namely that the Left never punch Left. They never “countersignal” their own more extreme elements, with the corollary idea that we, being opposed to everything they stand for, should do exactly the same.

This, we are assured, will enable us to make the same rapid metapolitical progress as the Left and march through all the institutions like little Gramscian moles. So nobody dare say anything bad about Andrew Anglin, OK?

Anybody willing to check actual facts would have found this to be a load of crap. The Left often punch Left, in fact that’s what mainstream politics has been for several decades, two globalist Leftist parties — the Dems and the GOP — criticizing each other on a wide range of issues.

But even if we limit the Left to the “official” as opposed to the actual Left there is plenty of proof that they do in fact punch left and countersignal all the time. In fact, this is a such a truism that it even has its own Monty Python sketch:

This certainly seems to be the case with the recent disavowal of the Alt-Left and the antifa by the Democratic Party establishment and much of the Leftist media.

Much of the Alt-Right is so wedded to the myth of “not punching” in a particular direction that this move seems to have taken them by surprise almost as much as it did Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.

Some believe that this was simply forced on them because they no longer control the media. Others, myself included, think that this was because being tied to Antifa is an extreme electoral liability, especially when you have succeeded in alienating most White people well before reducing them to a minority.

But there are other views. Ex-Alt-Righter RamZPaul believes that the official Left merely required the “services” of Antifa to shut down the “Unite the Right” rally, and that now their services are no longer required. This explanation is too neat because what happens if and when the Alt-Right decides to throw together another rally?

Probably what the mainstream Left is trying to do here is to have its cake and eat it, i.e. punch left to distance themselves from the negative electoral fallout of siding with antifa, but with the expectation that antifa are such resilient little cockroaches that they will stay in existence for future attempts like Charlottesville, where they can be used to bait the chad wing of the Alt-Right into more extreme actions and acts of violence.

This seems to have been the intention at Charlottesville and the victory that the Alt-Right scored there was mainly down to the discipline and restraint that the demonstrators showed. I was even impressed by Andrew Anglin’s hairy sidekick Azzmador, a gruff bearded personality, who likes to talk about “gassing Kites,” who literally allowed himself to be struck by an overweight coloured gentleman without physically retaliating. I definitely couldn’t have shown such manly forbearance.

But things like this are a percentage game for the Left, and they know that if they keep pushing certain buttons they will get the reactions they ultimately want.

So, what are the lessons here?

(1) People on the right, including the mainstream right, have to hold the mainstream Left to the logic of its “disavowal” and use this opportunity to press the case that antifa are literally a terrorist organization. This should be made official and their members should face the consequences of their actions and associations by being hounded out of their positions, especially as a large number of them seem to be embedded in the education sector.

(2) The Alt-Right have to use this break in ranks between the mainstream Left and their shock troops to get their own shock troops back on the ground. This will provoke antifa into actions that will force the mainstream Left to keep punching Left and strengthen the case that antifa are the terrorists.

(3) The Alt-Right has to redouble its efforts to behave in a disciplined, peaceful, but assertive way. This means a number of things, but it includes more organization, better optics, and reinforcing our core anti-violent message. The Alt-Right has to have an overt anti-thug culture, but without becoming pussies.

Flashing guns at fish-faced Vice reporters on the off chance of a little after-interview pussy may not be such a good idea. Also, anyone bringing Nazi regalia to rallies should have their stuff taken from them, and then be exposed as the ADL or Deep State shills they undoubtedly are. The same standard should be imposed on people doing dumb Nazi salutes or using racial slur words at these events.

Having an overt anti-thug culture would also allow the Alt-Right to more easily distance itself from any acts of insanity that occur, and allow it to contrast itself with a Left that has repeatedly encouraged violence. Because of his personal and well-publicized exposure to Leftist violence, Richard Spencer would be an ideal figure to press this distinction.

(4) But posting a lot of nag notes on what to do and what not to do is not enough. We also have to have a clearly conceived and expressed notion of why resources are being poured into a street presence. The following checklist may help:

(i) get attention for the cause
(ii) avoid major PR disasters
(iii) present a good image
(iv) win over Normies
(v) discredit the mainstream media
(vi) create a sense of camaraderie

I believe Charlottesville was successful in achieving (i), (ii), and (vi), and partly successful in achieving (v), but was much less successful regarding (iii) and (iv), although this may change over time depending on how future events go.

Regarding (ii), we were riding our luck a bit because the provocation dished out by the Left was quite extreme and much worse things could have happened in response, although a lot still hinges on what happens in the case of James Fields.


But regardless of direct effects, engaging in the public arena is essential for the Alt-Right because it gradually pushes it away from being a freak, online movement, birthed in the poisonous anonymity and antisocial extremism of the internet, towards a movement that makes a moral appeal to the majority of its own people.

This also furthers detoxification of its message, as it will be impossible to mobilize significant numbers if the cost for showing up at rallies is to be directly equated with being a “genocidal Nazi” and having one’s life ruined. This is something that NEETs and Fundies in the movement have been a little tone deaf to in their eagerness to lazily trigger SJWs.

As long as the Alt-Right keeps the fresh air of public rallies in its lungs, the omens are good whoever the leaders are, although having smart people at the top ready to learn obvious lessons would speed things along nicely.


  • as for what purpose the antifa serve, the Establishment uses them to put forth the argument to the TV watching normies that the populace as a whole is outraged at the alt right, outraged at trump etc…when actually the antifa are just a tiny segment of college students and mentally unbalanced sorts who are looking for media attention…the media is using them as a proxy for the populace as a whole…selling normies on the idea that there is a mass movement against white populism…


  • andreaostrovletania

    Charlottesville was not the first stand-down order.

    In fact, there is a long pattern to this kind of policy which could be seen as a strategy.

    Democratic and proggy politicians and administrators have concocted a plan to intimidate and silence the patriots. Brainwash the young to hate whites. Unleash them on Patriots. Stand-Down orders to cops. Or B-U-S Plan.

    1. Use PC, anti-white pop culture, and funding to create a Janissary force of young crazed radicals.

    2. Have the media either ignore antifanissary violence(as in Milo Berkeley riot) or even praise it(as in Charlottesville).

    3. Have the police stand-down and do nothing. Give the antifanissary ‘space to riot and attack’. Thus, the thugs are let loose on the patriots and few if any are arrested. And even if arrested, just give them a slap on the wrist. (In contrast, Chris Cantwell is denied bond.)

    This is no accident. It is a coordinated plan by Zionist-globalists to suppress the emergence of any white/gentile independence movement that wants OUT of the globalist-imperialist agenda. Imperialists have always trained the colonized to turn race-traitor and collaborationist. After all, imperialist elites are vastly outnumbered by the native patriots. So, the only way to ensure domination is by turning the natives against their own kind. It’s why Ottoman Turks trained and turned Greek boys against other Greeks and Christians. In the US, Jewish Globalists use education, media, education, and law to turn white against white. and among whites, there are too many addicted to the smell of their own virtue farts as sweet perfume and too many cucks who will sell their mother down the river for position and privilege.

    Education, Pop culture, media, justice system, and politicians have all been weaponized by the Globalists. Their PC propaganda raised white kids to hate their own race via stuff like rap music, Rage Against Machine, DJANGO, etc. So, there will always be feral antifa thugs who naturally attack patriots.

    Now, many decent cops obviously want to arrest these thugs. But the Power orders them not to. So, cops don’t serve and protect the people but serve and protect the Glob that uses antifa thugs to beat on the patriots. And if patriots fight back, as in Charlottesville, the weaponized media blame them for the violence(of self-defense) and glorify antifanissary thugs as the true patriots comparable to US soldiers in WWII.

    We have to expose the B-U-S Plan of the Glob.

    To be effective,we have to GIVE A NAME to the policies, strategies, and means used against us.

    If not BUS Plan, it needs some kind of name.

    Consider how effective the term ‘cuck’ was in exposing a certain kind of ‘conservative’.