Why National Socialism and White Nationalism Have Become Obsolete

Brett Stevens

In the weeks after the Charlottesville protest, which will prove to be a pivotal event in human history, several movements have become obsolete and not because they are being censored by government, media, and corporations.

Neo-Nazism, white nationalism, National Socialism and White Supremacy have died. In their place has risen something much more threatening to the status quo: the awakened interest of Western European people in having their own civilization. This includes the knowledge that diversity, democracy, consumerism, tolerance, and other equality-based ideas make it impossible to have that civilization.

For many years, WN/NS have coexisted with our media in a symbiotic relationship: when the news gets slow, the Hollywood Nazis show up and do something outrageous, which allows the media to have a conniption fit and sell tons of newspapers and internet ads because people are terrified that Hitler has showed up among us to genocide our Jews and enslave our African-American citizens.

The reality is that the people who have showed up tend to be insignificant, except for the fact that they can get media attention and then, in a mirror image of the SPLC and ADL, solicit donations from those who realize that diversity is unworkable and want an alternative. The whole thing is a big scam on both sides, except for a few True Believers who are worth paying attention to.

But in the last seventy years, WN/NS have done nothing but drive away the normal, well-adjusted upper half of middle class citizens who make all the decisions in our society. When you look out and see angry proles, you do not care if they are Communists or Nazis, because you realize that they are marginal at best and probably unstable.

The rise of a cluster of movements — Neoreaction, the Alt Right, Traditionalism, and Identitarianism — show us that people desire the ability to speak in favor of social order, which generally includes taboo ideas like nationalism and traditionalism, instead of the barely contained anarchy that is our democratic, consumerist, and diverse society.

When the Alt Right showed up in Charlottesville, the Nazis among them did not define the day, although the media and Hollywood Nazis both wanted that to be the case. What defined the day was that the Alt Right, dressed in preppy clothes and being snarky like college students, created an even more extreme reaction than WN/NS could garner, and this made the WN/NS elements obsolete.

Consider this as a simple question of economics. If you have two products, and one suddenly does everything that the other does and more, then why keep using the less effective product? WN/NS has been priced out of the market by the Alt Right, which communicates in a language that normal people can appreciate and avoids the extremism, violence, and insanity of the majority of WN/NS groups.

The Alt Right is not calling for genocide, warfare and discrimination. The Alt Right simply points out some taboo aspects to reality: that diversity does not work despite centuries of effort and trillions of dollars in aid, that democracy creates a parasitic and tyrannical government, that promiscuous and selfish behavior is ruining our future. These truths themselves terrify egalitarians.

In other words, the Alt Right offers what people wanted from WN/NS, but gives much more. It offers a hopeful future vision, where diversity ends peacefully and a transition of power occurs, and Leftists resettle to the third world. It gives reasons for those ideas, and points out the obvious failings of our society by making fun of them in the grand tradition of savage humor.

Where WN/NS promised instability, the Alt Right offers stability. Part of this is that it did not eject the WN/NS from its ranks, but simply removed their power and made their ideologies obsolete, so that their best option is now to join the Alt Right and give up the unstable and sadistic aspects of their belief systems. They can no longer command the cameras by simply stepping out with flags and regalia. They are obsolete.

It is natural that conflict begins at the edges of society where antisocial behavior thrives. The man who is making a half-million a year notices the same problems that the man making a twentieth of that and living in a trailer does, but the first man has options and chooses to avoid conflict by escaping the problem. That has ended with the accelerating Leftist takeover of government.

The antisocial behaviors common to WN/NS are no longer needed. The upper half of the middle class is open to the idea that Western Europeans should live apart from others, that everyone else must go home, that our behavior needs an upgrade, and even that we need leadership more competent than what democracy can provide. They are not interested in cruelty, bigotry, and a proclivity for violence however.

We have bypassed the conventions of those edges of society, including antisocial and cruel behavior, and gone for the middle. People in the middle want function above all else, and respond to practical ideas that are also favorable in the long term. These people have sleeping in them the ancient spirit, and secretly desire a Lord of the Rings style anarcho-monarchist and traditionalist society, which requires rule by culture and not markets, or a popularity contest that resembles a market, which in turn requires identitarianism, or selecting the population by both ethnic heritage and cultural compatibility in parallel.

Many of us have for years criticized WN/NS as being excessive about the wrong things and weak about some important things. We were waiting for something better to come along. During the past few months, the Alt Right has had an internal debate about its future, and the issue has been decided by the fact that we neither need WN/NS, nor want their instability. We have a better path.

Originally published at Amerika.org


  • I agree with some of what you have to say, but I take it a step further.
    I think we must define the problem, create a solution to bring Middle Americans into the game in a way that will not turn off the highly indoctrinated White Americans. Present the problem and solution in a way that will resonate with their sensibilities.
    Problem: the Federal Government has stripped whites of there civil rights, representation, our voice, our institutions, our history thru laws formulated in the 1960s.
    The government must restore our rights and equality.
    Find ways to drive this particular activism home.
    Not offend by bringing the J problem into the mix.
    Peaceful demonstration at Government building.
    Show how the Democrats and Republicans have taken our votes and given us nothing.
    Demand the government break up the Media monopolies.
    Take each issue that has impacted Whites and bring peaceful ways to present it.
    I’m middle class and I am turned off by white nationalist and socialist. I’m turned off by the way the alt right presents itself.
    I believe the problem and solution that will work begins with what I’m sharing.
    Until whites understand how we have been discriminated against, they will turn you off.
    They will do the fall back, “We’re not one of those, we’re not like that”.


  • Finally somebody gets it! National Socialism is DEAD get over it it’s not coming back and if it where you would not like it.. we need White Cohesion not White Division(like in NS).. we need to stand as a White Monolith and not let us get divided by (((them))) based on which Nation we happened to be born in.

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  • Older forms and methods of white nationalism have been made obsolete, partially because the Alt Right emerged as, well, an alternative. That much is true, but to say that white nationalism per se is made obsolete by the Alt Right does not make much sense to me. White nationalism has been the heart and soul of the Alt Right from the beginning, and is probably a greater part of the movement now than it was back when Alt Right was just getting started. (Back then, 2010-11, there were a lot more manosphere and neo-reaction/generally anti-modern ideas floating around the Alternative Right.) Alt Rightists may prefer to term themselves Identitarians, ethnonationalists or whatever else, but the basic idea is still white nationalism—that we as whites should have our own nations.

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