There is Only One Side

Ryan Andrews

Ever since president Trump’s surprisingly precise blaming of “many sides” (not “all sides” or “both sides”) for the recent sad events in Charlottesville, the media and the political establishment have been howling about his supposed false moral equivalency. (It would have been more presidential, I gather, if he had acted according to president Obama’s example, and leveled inflammatory accusations before the facts are known.) And indeed, this is not a time for moral equivalency; we are in the right and the other side are despicable demagogues. The lying media’s characterization and contextualization of Charlottesville, and of the Alt-Right generally, has been nothing less than slanderous. To prove this, let the facts be submitted to a candid world.

  • The media account is that the Alt Right is primarily responsible for the weekend’s violence. It is incredible that in the age of Youtube they think they can still get away with this crap. There must be thousands of videos from the event online, and unsurprisingly, the evidence suggests that the Left initiated the violence.Most of the media reports do not even mention the presence of antifa, let alone explain their savage nature. Antifa are not a political group that happens to be extremely violent. Violence is their entire purpose. If you are to the right of David Brooks, and they have the chance to physically assault you, they will. They are remarkably open about all this. We do not go to their events to attack them, because, as I said, there is no moral equivalence between us. But also, they very rarely have events; they simply exist to attack our events. I can not stress that enough. What happened in Charlottesville can not be understood, unless you know who these people are. Violence against their political enemies is their only reason for existence.
    Remember how the Charlottesville weekend started: On the Friday night hundreds of nationalists marched through the campus of UVA. They encountered a much smaller group of counter-demonstrators. The two sides chanted some slogans at each other, and the counter-demonstrators were left unharmed. What if the roles had been reversed? What if 500 antifa protestors had come upon a couple dozen nationalists? They would have pounced like the animals they are, and everyone of the lying media knows it. Every right-of-center white person in America knows it. Violence follows them everywhere they go (whether those of our number are at the scene or not). To the extent that violence follows us, it is only because they follow us. There is no moral equivalence between us.
  • When one alleged supporter of our cause allegedly kills one person, the entire establishment demonizes us as a terrorist movement. When a sniper sympathetic to BLM murdered five police officers, every major media outlet in the country allows BLM spokesmen a fair opportunity to denounce the killings, and of course, to get their talking points out there while they’re at it. All the while, the media defer to the general BLM narrative (which, incidentally, is mostly bullshit.) Not a single Sunday morning show permitted us the opportunity to come on and defend ourselves. No matter the body-count, no matter whether their claims have any factual accuracy or not, black rage is always justified. Meanwhile, if whitey has the temerity to object to government policy of reducing him to a minority, he is a hateful bigot.
  • Though they were a minority of the alt right side, every media report mentions that “Nazis” were part of the rally, many outlets simply describe the entire movement as Nazis. How many of those same media reports characterized the other side as communists? From all the videos I’ve seen, there were far more hammer and sickle insignias in Charlottesville than Swastikas or other Nazi insignia—which is standard for far-left rioters. How often do the media describe BLM marches as “including Black Panthers,” or “including the Nation of Islam?
  • There have already been several right-wing protests in leftist Charlottesville this year, and this was to be the biggest yet by far. The tolerant people of Charlottesville were sick of having to hear other people’s opinions. The city revoked the demonstrators’ permit, but that were overturned in court. So the event went ahead, but when the Left inevitably showed up to cause trouble, the police did not intervene. Given the chain of events, it is reasonable to suspect that the police were ordered to stand down in order to justify shutting down The Alt Right’s lawful protest. According to many at the scene, the police actually attempted to force the alt right supporters into harm’s way.But have you seen this suggested anywhere in the mainstream media? Why not? We know they are capable of reasoning in this way. This was the sort of logic they used to attack Trump’s travel ban as discriminatory. (During the campaign Trump suggested a ban on Muslim travel to the United States. Therefore, they reasoned, his travel ban on six “majority Muslim countries” was a backdoor attempt to ban Muslims.) Would they have been so silent if a BLM demonstration, or any other leftists, had been treated this way? Every right-of-center white person in the country damn well knows the answer to this question.
  • Years ago, I remember Michael Savage saying something to the effect of, ‘The difference between the Israelis and the Palestinians is that the Israelis say ‘we hate you, but we’re willing to live beside you;’ and the Palestinians say ‘we hate you, and we’re going to drive you into the sea.’ Now, the validity of this claim is not important here, forget about that. The point is that a similar analogy could be made of the Alt Right and its opponents. By any objective standard, we come to the dispute with the relative goodwill of the Israelis—which is all the more admirable considering our relative power is more comparable to that of the Palestinians. In fact, we do not even hate the other side(s), we just want to be the hell away from them to live in peace in an ethnostate of our own. We are a people without a homeland who cry out for one—like Zionists of old; we are Albionists, I suppose.

In short, our argument is that we have the right to exist. While the argument of the other side is that our very existence is a form of violence against them, therefore they are justified in using actual violence against us. Because white nationalism anywhere is white supremacy everywhere, and white supremacy is the perpetuation of the annihilation of black bodies!

The average right-of-center white guy may be unfamiliar with the specifics here, and for that matter, a great many people in the media are probably ignorant of them too (the stunning stupidity of the average talking-head is painfully obvious). But whatever set of facts each side carries around in their heads, everyone on both sides knows in their bones that the media treatment of us is unfair, that they misrepresent us, that they lie about us.


Ryan Andrews is the author of The Birth of Prudence, which was published by VDare.