Of Car Crashes and Copters

Colin Liddell

Narratives are constructed by omitting some facts, exaggerating others, and mixing in a few outright lies. The mainstream media’s response to Charlottesville is a case in point. In situations like this, it therefore pays to get pedantically factual. Once you do that, you might not gain full enlightenment, but you will at least notice the large number of pieces that do not fit.

Much good work has been done on this already. Also, it looks like Charlottesville could start to rival 9-11 as a font of conspiracy theories. There is clearly a lot going on and a lot more to be heard about this cluster of events. As regards organised White identitarianism/nationalism, however, the sequence of events is clear.

The rally itself was to be held between noon and 5pm. Some identitarians started arriving early and there was a little bit of chanting and counter-chanting. Doubtless a few small incidents occurred, but nothing too major.

charlottesville-1When another large group, sensibly marching in formation and with protective gear, arrived around 11am, some counter-protesters tried to block them only to be shunted out of the way. This scuffle was short-lived and the police seem to have seen it as such, doing absolutely nothing to intervene. Around 20 minutes later, however, we had the police declaring the rally to be an unlawful assembly.

While there was token resistance to being pushed out of the park by a small group of rally attendees, including our own Andy Nowicki,  practically everyone on the right then dispersed, many of them heading for McIntyre Park, a couple of miles away. The inept way that the police handled this led to outbreaks of violence as antifa and other Leftists attacked identitarians. Here the Alt-Right and their allies participated in a little self defence, with some people sustaining injuries.

Essentially this marked the end of the organised rally, and the cost in blood and chaos had been extremely light considering. This was mainly thanks to the manly discipline, order, and often homemade protective gear of the rally goers.

There is a bit of myth going round that the Alt-Right and its allies were naive little sheep who “walked into a ZOG trap,” etc., but that is clearly false. The Alt-Right expected to be attacked and were not surprised by the police standing down. The exact same thing had happened in Sacramento and Berkeley, so people came prepared and acted with a high degree of cohesion.

Essentially what we have here is a non-story, one that merits possibly a little minor or local news coverage. But the reason that Charlottesville is a story is because two organically separate but highly suspicious incidents also occurred in the same general ballpark, which the mainstream media then disingenuously welded onto the rally.

These were, of course, the car and helicopter incidents. By noon, when the rally should have started, practically all the rally goers were already out of town, but the antifa and other leftists were roaming the streets, attacking cars, and causing chaos.

Hitting Dodge

At 1:14pm the car incident occurred. Much has been made of the fact that the driver of the car may have panicked after his car was struck, causing him to accelerate. There is video that supports this idea. But here, even the fundamental facts can be called into question. One of the main points that struck me is the gap between the actual incident and the arrest of the suspect. So far there has been little focus on this, but it took place quite separately from the actual incident, in fact over a mile away.

As for the incident itself, there is little or no photographic evidence that Fields was actually driving. One purported photo dimly shows someone who looks different from Fields behind the wheel of the car, looking calmly through the tinted glass. Fields, remember, was either a hate-filled homicidal maniac or a panicking kid.


Also, the manner in which the driver extricated himself from the accident site is highly suspicious. It looked like a top piece of stunt driving, rather than the actions of a timid 20-year-old. In this he was assisted by the fact that the car’s airbags evidently failed to deploy.

Thanks to the Barcelona attack, we have a nearly contemporaneous and similar incident that we can compare to the Charlottesville car incident. What would a radical Islamist have been able to do with a Dodge and streets crowded with people like that? I would guess he would have killed a lot more than one person. It is like whoever did this wasn’t really trying until it was time to escape. Then, after a convenient break, we are told that James Alex Fields is the man, and has been taken into custody at location a mile away. We also learn that he had been photographed standing with members of National Vanguard, one of the groups participating in the rally. None of this tells us what happened, but it at least raises the doubt and suspicion levels rather high.

Then we come to the helicopter crash, which went down at 4:42pm, long after both the attempted rally and the car incident.

Copter Cops

The two officers killed in the copter crash.

This too is a little odd. More information on the helicopter’s exact whereabouts throughout the day would be useful, but it appears that it was being used to monitor the rally and then the antifa and Leftist mobs roaming the streets of Charlottesville. It would seem natural to use it to monitor the mob that was in the process of shutting down traffic at the site of the accident before the car struck. Was it there, was it filming, and was that film being relayed somewhere? These are questions that have simply not been addressed in the media.

The kind of helicopter used was a Bell 407, which has a maximum flight duration of around two hours. If it was used all day, them it must have landed repeatedly for refuelling. Not much has been revealed about that, although some reports mention that it took off from Charlottesville Airport at 3:54pm, flew to the downtown area, where it arrived at 4:04pm, hovered around until 4:42, when it was reassigned to provide support for a motorcade carrying Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. It then crashed two minutes later, seven miles from town.

Assuming that the helicopter was in the sky much of the day, then the two dead officers flying it and monitoring events must have had a particularly revealing vantage point of the events of the day, including the rally, the behaviour of the Leftist mob, the fatal car incident itself, and where the car went following that. One question that springs to mind is what information, if any, died with those two officers. That could be the key to unlocking some of the mysteries of the separate events that occurred on that day, and finding out if they were connected to each other or anything else.