The Charlottesville ‘Stand Down’ Scam in Five Easy Steps

Andy Nowicki

Now that it has been confirmed that the Charlottesville police were given a “stand-down” order on August 12, in order to provoke a state of violence and thus create a pretext to cancel the #UnitetheRight rally, the appreciative video viewer can trace the shape of how this whole sick joke went down.

(1) Allow the antifa to exercise violence with absolutely no repercussions from the law, forcing the #UnitetheRight-ers to defend themselves, thus creating a singularly unstable situation.

(2) Be completely aloof to the chaos being bred by your intentional neglect. “This won’t end well.”

(3) Suddenly announce that the legally permitted rally has been canceled, and its attendees must disperse, with absolutely no explanation forthcoming. Bring out a bunch of goons decked out in face shields and body armor to make your point: the “law” is whatever you say the law is! Also bring out a rather cunty little bureaucrat to talk down to those impertinent enough to question you.

(4) Get your goons to mow down those hearty and spirited enough to refuse to get out of their way.

(5) Then subject the rest to a few choice pushes and shoves and a heavy dose of pepper

Rinse, and repeat!