The Left Advances Too Far to Its Own Gettysburg

Colin Liddell

After the great Alt-Right victory of Charlottesville, the Left was actually doing quite well. Waving around the mangled corpse of one of their lower ranking foot soldiers killed in the general anarchy facilitated by police and antifa, they were able to force cuckservatives to toe the line that the Alt-Right were all “genocidal, evil Nazis” and, worse still, “unAmerican.”They even got the President to sheepishly go along.

“Racism is evil,” Trump said in a statement meant to appease the Left a couple of days after the event. “And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the K.K.K., neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

Yes, with the still enormous power of the lugenpresse, they were pulling off the unthinkable, hiding the extent of the Alt-Right’s victory under a thick smokescreen, and even using their black propaganda to achieve a kind of victory, but one scored solely over cuckservatives, Alt-Liters, Trumpers, and other normies, rather than over the Alt-Right.

But in warfare many a victory has been wasted by the temporarily victorious side pushing too far, especially when that side has itself taken a real beating. This has been the case with the Left this week.

No, they couldn’t just sit on their little propaganda victory over the normies and use it to push for more deplatforming in the friendly leftist waters of the tech industry. Instead, on a shaky foundation of endorsing terroristic antifa violence and with a view to imposing “cultural revolutionary” vandalism and iconoclasm on the nation, and with the ACLU causing problems in their rear, they continued their advance far beyond a point they could maintain with any strength.

Their first big act, once they mistakenly thought they had control of the narrative, was to unleash various mobs in Leftist controlled areas, like Durham, North Carolina, and elsewhere to attack and vandalize statues and monuments associated with white identity.

They even gave the game away — a disastrous mistake in warfare — when their ill-disciplined troops literally attacked the Lincoln Memorial, effectively putting Lincoln and every other White male Founding Father on a Leftist hitlist.

None of this went unnoticed, especially by the President, who had already complained about the Left’s ingratitude and inability to compromise when he had cucked on Charlottesville.

Next, drunk on the smell of cuckservative, Alt-Lite, and normie fear and timidity — everyone from Jack Posobiec to Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio were supercucking in Twitterspace — the Left next decided to attack the President at his latest press conference, where all he wanted to do was call Charlottesville a shit show and quickly move on to something more upbeat about buidling stuff and creating jobs.

“No, Mr. President, we don’t care about that,” they effectively said to him. “We want to see you kow-tow, crawl over, and kiss our fake Charlottesville victory ring.”

Then the shitty questions began to arrive.

But Trump wasn’t having any of it. Sensing they had pushed too far and that they were attacking him off balance, he decided to go off script and hit back with a little truth. Almost everything he then said was more or less an endorsement of the Alt-Right narrative that “Unite the Right” was a peaceful and diverse rally with a permit that was attacked by the antifa and the Left without a permit. Except it wasn’t a narrative. It was just the plain truth.

He also effectively expressed admiration for General Robert E. Lee and raised the question now looming in everyone’s minds of where the ISIS-like behaviour of Leftist statue smashing will end. This question is key because it is a question that cannot be meaningfully answered without identity. The Left has posed this question, but only the Alt-Right can answer it.