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Sympathy for Their Satanic Majesties

“England’s growing subservience to American popular culture during the 20th century, both in music and film, had been tolerable while the British Empire retained it full glory, but following the Empire’s post-WWII collapse and betrayal at Suez in 1956, it became increasingly galling. This meant that anything that could work against this subservience would be guaranteed a warm response. The importance of the Beatles was that they represented the first sign of this.”

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The Downward Direction of Doubling Down

“The key difference is that the damaging gaffe of a decade ago was damaging because it revealed faulty logic or knowledge; the candidate was being shamed for his ignorance. Today’s gaffes are perceived as damaging because they display the speaker’s insensitivity to the issues media elites have been foisting upon us at ever-increasing intensity.”

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The New Right and What It Can Offer the Rest of the World

This article was published at the original Alternative Right site in October 2011. Unfortunately, with all the intellectual ferment then going on, it failed to be make much of an impact despite its many merits. Akda makes the case that the problems now besetting the West will ultimately beset non-White countries as well, and that the spread of Alt-Right ideas to the developing world will also strengthen the Alt-Right in the West.

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The Jebbing! of Trump

Trump came into politics as the “anti-Jeb!” the polar opposite of the “Next” Bush — a high energy guy who viewed America’s pointless wars and the Washington Swamp that generated them with deep disdain. He was also dismissive of the big business backsliding on trade and immigration that Jeb! encapsulated.

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