Podcast 54: ADL Sempai Notices Us

Following their inclusion on the ADL’s list of the top 36 movers and shakers in the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite, Alternative Right editors Andy “The Nameless One” Nowicki and Colin Liddell reflect on the ADL’s mission to stay relevant in an era that has passed them by.

They also discuss why they are “the unbroken chain that holds the Alt-Right together,” and say some very complimentary things about “list-mates” Richard Spencer, Mike Cernovich, Matt Parrott, and Matt Forney.

Listen here: ADL Senpai Notices Us

The sections in the report referring to Andy and Colin:

Andy Nowicki aka the Nameless One is the assistant editor of the white supremacist Alternative Right blog, which was founded by alt right leader Richard Spencer. The Alternative Right weighs in on the alt right hot topics, from “white sharia” and racial disparities in IQs, to the distinctions in thought between the “normie” world versus the alt right.” While Nowicki claims he is not a white nationalist, he shares many of those views. As an editor of Alternative Right, he gives voice to the ideology of white nationalists and figures on the alt right.

Colin Liddell is the editor-in-chief of Alternative Right, the website started by Richard Spencer in 2010. Liddell previously contributed to the white supremacist journal American Renaissance. He writes about the notion of racial equality fabricated by the “liberal-leftist media” and the “Jewish propaganda machine.” In his 2012 essay “Is Black Genocide Right?” he writes, “Instead of asking how we can make reparations for slavery, colonialism, and apartheid or how we can equalize academic scores and incomes, we should instead be asking questions like, “Does human civilization actually need the Black race?”

The other 34 names on the list are:


Andrew Anglin
Andrew Auernheimer aka Weev
Augustus Invictus
Brad Griffin
Christopher Cantwell
Daniel Friberg
Daniel Kleve
Dillon Irizarry
Greg Johnson
Jared Taylor
Jason Kessler
Jason Jorjani
Johnny Ramondetta
Lana Lokteff
Matt Forney
Matthew Heimbach
Matthew Parrott
Mike Peinovich
Nathan Damigo
Pax Dickinson
Richard Spencer
Tara McCarthy
Theodore Beale aka Vox Day
Tim “Treadstone” Gionet aka Baked Alaska

The Alt Lite

Brittany Pettibone
Colton Merwin
Gavin McInnes
Jack Posobiec
Kyle Chapman
Kyle Prescott
Lucian Wintrich
Mike Cernovich
Milo Yiannopoulos