Marine Le Pen: Storming the Globalist Bastille

Richard Wolstencroft

The storming of the Bastille was rumoured to have been started by a prisoner, the notorious Marquis De Sade, screaming down to the crowds below that they were murdering prisoners. This libertarian prank turned into The French Revolution.

It is in this grand tradition that I, the former proprietor of the almost equally notorious Hellfire Club down under, entreat you, in a De Sadean manner, to STORM the Bastille of Globalist EU Europe. Down with Brussels and those Eurocrat fiends. Marine Le Pen could well be the battering ram in this noble endeavour.

She describes herself as “The Anti Merkel” and she is pretty damn correct on that score. I have followed her career with great interest for a number of years. Of all the Nationalist “Far Right” Populist leaders across the globe currently edging closer to victory, it is my firm belief that Maine Le Pen is the most authentic, the best, most tactical, and strategic, as well as the smartest of the lot.

Which is why this election is and should be so important for the “Alt Right Internationale” (which we are to some extent). I entreat you to get out online, support, meme magic, and preach the Le Pen word and gospel in the remaining few days and hours, leading up to the historic Second Round. It would be the Perfect Trifecta: Brexit, Trump, and Le Pen. It might even remind Trump of why he got elected. So, as Jean Luc Picard might say, “Let’s make it so.”


The Patriarch

I have been aware of the Le Pen family since I saw the stunning portrait of its “Grand Patriarch” Jean Marie Le Pen by the wonderful Aussie photographer Helmut Newton in the very early 90’s. His dark fascist glamour hit me instantly. A strong picture of him with his two dogs. I read about his family and heard his daughter had an interest in politics in the late 90s. I also read as much as I could find in English on Vichy collaborators and 30s fascist intellectuals like Robert Brasillach, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, L.F. Celine, Rebatet and Henry de Montherlant and others.

After that I studied the French New Right and the GRECE of Alain de Benoist, Pierre Vial, Jean-Claude Valla, Dominique Venner, Jacques Bruyas, Jean Jacques Mourreau, and others of the highly enlightened and even well respected school of Rightist political philosophy.

When Marine took over from her more fashy papa, she deftly began to reform the image of the Front National, taking on ideas from De Benoist’s New Right and other progressive rightist intellectuals. She moved the party in a more centrist direction, used new language, and reformulated Western politics as a showdown between Globalism vs Nationalism. And what do you know? This appealed to a much wider audience and has brought her within a stone’s throw of victory.

When I heard her speeches, the ones I could find translated, I could barely disagree with a thing she said. She was also a powerful and resolute orator. What’s more she was charismatic, and also a strong female voice in Far Right Populism, a field that is usually dominated by men, outside our own wonderful Pauline Hanson down under.


Historical resonance

Sometimes I think the message of Far Right Populism can sink in better coming from a female orator and leader, the “Mother of The Nation” kind of thing. It seems softer and less threatening. Indeed, Le Pen in her recent campaigns has taken on the mantle of Joan of Arc, an almost religious and mythic status, as the Saviour of France—both materially and spiritually.

So, to borrow a tiny bit from Hillary, “I’m With Her—Marine Le Pen 2017.” And where the hell are all the Feminists now? Are they supporting the first potential female President of France? Interestingly the Globalist Media has been silent on the Feminism angle of the French election, which just goes to show that their love of such politics is mere window dressing and mostly bullshit. It should be an open warning to everyone the way that the feminist angle is conveniently dropped by the Globalists when they have a male banker puppet in the running.

Her success in the last French Election was impressive, but this time she is an even stronger candidate. Despite the polls, you could even consider her the front runner, bearing in mind recent political hiccups, voter disinterest from the Left, and the fact that many old Marxists will not stand with Macron and may even vote for a Nationalist with Socialist leanings.

So, in a few days, Le Pen faces off with the puppet of the Globalist bankers in what is sure to be the most important election in France since WWII.


Macron at the feet of Merkel. Where else?

Macron reeks of Globalist evil. He is married to a woman old enough to be his mother, and has all the usual hallmarks of a Globalist puppet (always nice to have a job with Rothschild’s on the old CV!). He also has strong links with the outgoing French Presidential failure François Hollande, whose presidency proved as flat as his name and who is now about as popular as a German fart in a French elevator.

On the plus side for his prospects, Macron is a smart looking bloke, handsome, well groomed, and a centrist, and he clearly has a lot of pull. So, the result should be close, but I hope God is with Le Pen, and I believe He is.

On a personal note, I was in Paris in 2014. I went there with my girlfriend, who had never been before. We wanted to do the whole “Paris as Romance” thing. When we got there, our cab driver was some Arab scumbag. Then we got caught in a demonstration on the way to the hotel. A rowdy crowd of ungrateful immigrants were waving a flag that I did not recognise. I asked the imbecile at the wheel “What flag is that?” He glibly answered, “It’s the French Flag.” I later found it was the Palestinian one and that Jews were often under attack in Paris these days. Anyway, we got to our lovely Airbnb. Very nice, run by a young French bloke.

Paris is still mostly Paris, and we had some of the Romantic fun we were after in the Latin Quarter, the fashion sector and the various centers of the arts. But one couldn’t help but notice the truly hideous foreign presence of so many Muslims and Africans, everywhere. Many of the areas we explored were still French, but one area we wanted to go to, the site of the Porte de Clignacourt market was in a Muslim area. We thought fuck it and hopped on the Metro. Eight stops from our destination the train stops. Security problems ahead, all trains cancelled.


We tried again another day. This time there were massive protests in the Porte area. We were advised not to go there. OK, one more go—the third time, five days later—the same thing again, protests. We think again, “Fuck it, we are going anyway.” We get a cab and go around the protest and to the market at Porte de Clignacourt.

When we get there, it is all Muslims. It’s like Beirut or Baghdad, a totally foreign place. The market was OK, but due to hassles and detours we got there late and only had an hour or two to check this massive place out. I found a book on Charles Maurras and the Action Francais in English, appropriately enough. I bought it immediately.

I left Paris feeling that the city was falling and I realised then that the Populist Far Right would rise, as many locals openly and vocally praised Le Pen when we chatted politics. Even arriving in Calais from London via ferry, the hideous, oppressive presence of these foreign hordes made itself known, and one often had to watch one’s back during the trip. The lovely local French People seemed to be in shock, traumatised, like they were being occupied again, but this time by less civilized people.

This general feeling and the rise of Far Right Populism and the Alt Right Internationale makes me think it’s Le Pen’s time. And I hope to God it is.

The French have played an important part in the rise of European dominance and hegemony. They are a people of great style, grace, and intelligence. They have not always been the “pussy surrender monkeys” of WWII. Under Napoleon they nearly pulled a Hitler on Europe and even reached Moscow, unlike Adolf. They had a Colonial Empire only surpassed by that of Old Blighty and fought many tough wars with England and Germany over mostly stupid things. So, I think if we are to save Europe we must save France. Le Pen is the answer we need right now in the history of our existence.

There has been the usual controversy over her slight softening of stances on this or that in Alt Right circles a la Trump. From the 1488 crew the usual ((())) rumblings can be heard. But if they truly think what they claim to think, they should realise the logic of their own critique. If the Globalists and their creatures really have such immense power, then surely a little caution and cunning on Le Pen’s part is justified, instead of a completely “balls our” WN position. Perhaps a woman’s touch will pay off here.

In the final analysis I think the enthusiasm of her supporters, her “Make France Great Again” ethos versus the lackluster Globalism of Macron will push her over the edge and win the day. I have been emotionally invested in this election and pray this is so.

Also, it must be noted that Marc Malenchon, the Far Left candidate, in a deft move, refused to back Macron—a tacit nod to Marine. Many on the Left could warm to Nationalism with authentic socialist leanings. So, it’s exciting times, people! Get out there and support Marine in these final few days and hours, weave your meme magick and let’s make the Trifecta of Right Wing Populist Victories real.

Then stage one of the dastardly plan of the Alt Right will be complete! Then comes Stage 2—but that is another essay…he he.