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White Sharia, White Knighting, and Women

“Anglin asserts that women are designed by nature to prefer brutish beasts to nice guys; it is simply in their nature to want to “get impregnated by the dominant male.” He asserts that women spontaneously and quite involuntarily “get wet” when they “see videos of ISIS running around chopping people’s heads off.” Anglin admires the violence, brutality, and sadism of Middle Eastern fanatics, and thinks their behavior should be emulated by white nationalists.”

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Marine Le Pen: Storming the Globalist Bastille

“When Marine took over from her more fashy papa, she deftly began to reform the image of the Front National, taking on ideas from De Benoist’s New Right and other progressive rightist intellectuals. She moved the party in a more centrist direction, used new language, and reformulated Western politics as a showdown between Globalism vs Nationalism. And what do you know? This appealed to a much wider audience and has brought her within a stone’s throw of victory.”

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Translation: Alain De Benoist on the French Election

French New Right thinker and “intellectual godfather of the Alt-Right,” Alain de Benoist recently gave an interview to the Breton nationalist website He was asked him his reactions to the first round of the French Presidential election, which saw the field narrowed down to civic nationalist Marine Le Pen and the “candidate of the broken system” Emmanuel Macron.

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