Why the Globalist Elite Should Drop Hillary and Support Trump

Richard Wolstencroft

In his recent speech in Florida, Donald Trump just called out the globalist elite, order, and agenda, so what better time to address the theme of this essay, “Switching Sides.”

My previous piece on Donald Trump “GET Trump” proved spot on. The accusations of mainstream anti-Trump media bias have only increased ten-fold since I wrote the article. So, I thought I’d address some of the core issues head on. As the Globalist Elite is nefariously mercurial as a topic, the essay may venture into metaphor and metaphysics, speculation and conspiracy theory, and suggest some radical solutions and Gordian-Knot-cutting-style solutions.

While obviously targeted at the Alt Right Audience, it is also aimed, with all due respect, at our Globalist Overlords, who could perhaps take a few tips from the Alt Right about possible ways forward.

Along with issues like immigration, the economy, and geopolitics, there has been much talk of the Globalist Elite during this election. But despite this there has not been a single article about the whowhat, and where of this shady group in the mainstream U.S media. Amazing, I know! Nor have we seen it discussed anywhere what they want.

To throw things into relief, I would like to view Trump and the Globalist Elite as opposed forces in this election, and in history itself. In a sense, Donald Trump represents the force of Manifest Destiny and even God Almighty in a Manichean sense, something that the God Emperor memes subterraneanously sense.

The Globalists and their paid media love to make out that Trump and his supporters—i.e many of us on the Alt-Right—are in some way stupid for wanting to “Make America Great Again” or for trying to put “Americans First” for a change. Ah, but nothing cold be further from the truth. They have clearly ‘misunderestimated’ us as Trump is operating in a higher dimension. Allow me to explain…

Trump’s IQ is 156. Don’t Believe me ? Google it, look it up. That ain’t stupid, folks. That’s just the way he talks to communicate to the people 56 IQ points below him. Trump is high echelon Mensa level.

Forget the minutiae of the election and petty politics just for a minute. At a higher level, Trump is attempting to re-direct the actual course of History itself—along a Hegelian dialectical model and away from the present system of the ruling elite, towards a new dawn. To be precise, he is proposing a right-wing populist nationalism as an antithesis to the globalist New World Order thesis.

Why do you think The New Yorker and New York Times are shitting their pants every day, and publishing one crude anti-Trump story after another, flushing their credibility down the toilet by adopting the journalistic ethics of the National Enquirer?! Normally The New Yorker and New York Timeswould be respectful of any Republican front runner, and provide balanced and nuanced coverage. But not this time. That is how important Trump is! This is exactly the reason we should all vote for Trump. The whole greedy and insipid world order of the New York Times and The New Yorker is collapsing around them. Not only that, but their materialist world view is under attack. The very wheels of Western Political History are falling off the Globalist Tricycle, with a Trump Hummer being revved up to replace it.

The Globalist 1% has slowly been taking over America since the end of WWII, with things speeding up since September 11 and the attendant Neo-Con coup. Remember all those Invasion of The Body Snatchers movies from the 1950s and 60s, and of course the 80s classic They Live. That is what all those films were about.

The Trump threat to these Globalists is very real, hence the unprecedented hysteria and histrionics from their media, which has sent out its zombie hordes to attack him, its dupes, dickheads, dunces, and dolts. Take a bow Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, et al.

They are out in force 24/7 spreading the “Get Trump” meme and being patted on the head by their Globalist masters like the good little pets they are; shilling continuously for the Globalist order and agenda that has been failing dismally, both geopolitically and militarily in all these awful and pointless wars in the Middle East that have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

In this chaos, Donald Trump and many other right-wing nationalists and populists across the West have seen their historic chance and are taking it.

Brexit was the first shock to the system of the Globalist World Order—once again Britannia saves the West and saves the day! (Thank us later.) As even George Soros, the arch globalist and possible head of SPECTRE, admitted, this will result in the eventual breaking up of the EU. Good riddance!

Meanwhile in America, Hillary has little moxie and a lack of support outside the US media, still locked into backing her and 80 to 90% owned and controlled by the Globalists. Her rallies average around 200 people to Trump’s tens of thousands. Trump has seized the steering wheel of History and wrenched it rightwards. It’s a major event in Political History by anybody’s standards and, as such, it is totally amazing that it is not receiving more serious intellectual attention.

The issue of the Globalists is a tricky one. I am aware that some Far Righters—and even a few Alt-Righter’s I’d wager—equate it solely with ((((THE JEWS)))). I am not one of those people I must confess. Looking at major Globalist figures, there is plenty of variety: Anglo descendants, Brit Royals and “Aristotrash,” EU “bureau-trash,” Swiss and German bankers, various technocrats, Saudi and Gulf playboy sheikhs, wealthy Chinese and Asian Speculators in Hong Kong, China, and overseas, Russian plutocrats and Energy barons, the odd Aussie or Canadian media tycoon or two, African dictators, and that weird creature currently in the White House. And, yes, quite a few Jewish people and Israelis. Sure. But Soros, remember, is anti Zionist. So it’s a rather complex picture that does not fully match the simplistic “It’s THE JEWS” Far Right thesis that is constantly lambasted as a conspiracy theory in mainstream press.

What we are really talking about is a multi-stakeholder phenomenon called Globalisation. Some aspects of it, if handled well, can have positive economic benefits for all—as we have seen in the past. So one should not throw the baby out with the bath water, as they say, just because of its many downsides. This dual nature of globalization is at the heart of many of the political controversies rocking the world, although it is never mentioned or addressed as such on CNN, the New York Times, the BBC, Al Jazeera, or even our own ABC down under.

Neo-Cons, for example, are often but not always Globalists. There are many articles on the Neo Cons, but the globalist aspect is ignored under rubrics like “national security” or “countering terrorism.” Even Obama turned out to be one! Who would have guessed? Hillary definitely is one. This is a realthing—there is an agenda and direction. Let’s take a look at it.

Brexit is a case in point where the issue of Globalism was almost the sole issue and animus of the whole thing, although its political manifestation was mass opposition to forced mass immigration. When the Brits rejected the EU, it was Globalism that took the kick in the balls. This is big picture stuff: Middle East, Global geopolitics and WWIII sabre rattling at Russia, with nuclear war trimmings and China in the wings. All very high stakes and dangerous.

And most importantly and least discussed, all rather self-destructive in my view, especially for the Global elites who are in the unenviable position of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

In the end the Globalist Elite will mainly hurt themselves. Those poor fools. Hence my suggestion to move History forward, accept the Hegelian flow of history, switch sides, and do a famous Trump deal with the future President, while they still can.

PJ O’Rourke (alas, a Hillary supporter, the poor cuck) admits he does get part of Trump’s campaign and appeal. He had this to say on the Globalist Elite in The Guardian:

“They [the elites] have been very naughty – and they have it coming to them. We have a situation in the Middle East that is utterly out of control, that has resulted in an immigration crisis in Europe that is also out of control. We have a flabby comeback from the great recession – and we have a Russia and China asserting themselves quite unpleasantly and out of check.”

Occupy Wall Street was all about fighting the 1%. What happened to that agenda? Some on the Left, including many Bernie supporters, are backing Hillary on the laughable basis that she is the “lesser of two evils.” This is all what Lenin and Stalin jokingly referred to as “Useful Idiots,” and I am sure Hillary and the Globalist Elite view their non-1% supporters in this way. Disparagingly.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole even further, Alex Jones or even Twilight Zonestyle. Prepare thy tin foil hat, my fiends! Cue theme music.

Consider some of the evil shit going on in the world: globalist mischief and mayhem, massive wars hardly criticised by the Western media, destabilisation of large geopolitical blocs, mass immigration to Europe, Soros and the Rothschilds acting as two pincers of one crab, Saudis and their retinues vying with the Jewish Lobby for influence, Neo-Cons as the status quo of the Washington elite, Globalist control of the MSM, and the complete warping of public discourse, information, and social structures through political correctness.

We are presented here with a wonderful picture of Chaos, especially for those of us with an Hegelian overview, a God’s eye-view and sense of history in its grandest sense. But difficult as it is to auger and interpret, it does have a purpose, I suggest.

One of the interesting things you can discern is a kind of “philosophy at play” in it. Not the dusty kind you get from unread books, but a new kind of hyper-Machiavellian daemonic philosophy that crosses over into the Satanic. Something that would make Nietzsche’s hair curl is fully in play—non-ethical, deeply amoral.

These Globalists walk in their private worlds and look down upon us mere humans like insects. They look down on us like the creators of the robots do in Westworld (both the new show and the old film) upon the robots themselves. We are are their mere puppets and marionettes, their amusements and toys.

You can see that Hillary has become totally dehumanised and numb to real human emotions, suffering, and events after thirty years in Washington. She is some new form of creature now. openly beyond good and evil, masked behind hollow exoteric public views and positions she has no mental connection with—all cliched humanist gibberish and empty platitudes.

The whole Globalist agenda is all rather anti-human and anti-humanist even. In a certain sense, it is truly Fascistic, even—in the grand sense of the word. This “Thing” looks and feels totally different to classical fascism. But at its heart, it isn’t, which is why Hitler may have lost the battle, as they say, but won the war.


Fascism in plain site, Abe sitting on his fashy throne.

Today, are we not all fascists? We on the Alt-Right can be a bit that way, let’s be honest. But there’s something more, added with the Globalist, latter-day, capitalist version, a daemonic will and agenda fully aided and enabled by technology, mainstream media, Globalised Capital, and all those wheels within wheels. There is a drive and a hidden agenda. Though we may not fully see it and like it, it is there, this THING. We should try and talk about it and understand it, and I don’t pretend to do more than outline this “entity” here—just a few sketchy line of the Demon, I glimpse through the flames.

In a way, the true philosophy of this THING, this Beast—see the great scene with CIA Director Helms from Oliver Stone’s Nixon for reference—mostly rejects all standards and norms that one associates with the Enlightenment and Western Civilisation. It’s that radical. This force is something both new and old, something historical and already deeply in play, something psychopathic and futurist even. “Something is Coming,” as Death In June once said.

All the old values are mostly dead for the Globalists. The new philosophy of this THING seems Nietzschean—but not in a “joyful science” or optimistic way. It’s negative and dark, this Globalist agenda, almost Crowleyian and the direction he took with his magick.

To use a Star Wars metaphor, it’s clearly Sith, or Satanic in a Christian sense. Being so “mad, bad and dangerous to know,” at its core it’s also, most likely, totally self destructive. So, we must understand it, first to see it and then to counter and ameliorate its worst side effects, as Trump would like to do. And eventually to stop or redirect it, as a future generation might be able to do.

Promoting the path from Darkness back to Light is our task here at the Alt-Right. All of this Meta stuff, which I do enjoy, is heavily in play right now, and spiritually is the back drop to our political pantomimes.

In a way, my new portmanteau low-budget art film epic—The Second Coming Volume One and Two—totally riffs on this material. I was watching the latest cut recently, thinking, as I finished Volume 2, “Wow, how spot on is all this.” Light and dark forces battling it out in conspiracies and magical circles of Magus and Mischief within a mythical and mysterious metaphysical framework. Few can comprehend all these meta aspects—only some of us here on the Alt Right. This is why art and essays like this can perhaps give us hints of what is really going on, and play a more vital role in critiquing it all.

I don’t like to read globalist propaganda—The New YorkerNew York Times, and the retinue of shills, with their endless lies on Trump. It’s distasteful. America, as noted already, is fascist. Look at those recent hideous wars in Libya and Syria that both Obama and Hillary blooded their hands in.

Trump says a few bad words and he’s labelled virtually the Antichrist, but the media gives a pass to the war crimes of Hillary and Obama as a matter of course. It’s utterly obscene that many on the Left go along with it. I’m tired of these wars, with the possible exception of going after ISIS, who are evil bastards who must be stopped.

So, it is my considered opinion that the Globalist Elite have backed the wrong horse with Hillary Clinton and need to make a last minute change of plan. It’s happened before in History and can be done now. Time to do a famous last-minute Trump Deal and “Make America (and Globalism) Great Again!”

I won’t lie to you my globalist chums, but Trump is going to limit some Globalist Power. He’s going to bring back nationalism as an organisational principle rather than an essence, and he’s going to strengthen US Borders and take care of the US White Working Class. He might even cramp the style of those “International Bankers” that Hillary likes to sweet talk at Goldman Sachs engagements.

“But why back Trump?” I hear you say, my elite Globalist friends. See it as a dialectic. I’m sure many of you know your Hegel. You have had it your way for a long time now, under Bush and Obama. You have stolen so much and have America on the verge of nuclear war with Russia. But we all know what a bunch of terrible cowards you really are, and you will not push the button. Backing Trump will also bring back the money—that god you all worship. You know you won’t fare well in the Mad Max world your policies have been preparing.

So, have a nice get together at your SPECTRE World Headquarters Offices. Have a look at this essay and watch the recent Trump Speech in Florida calling you out, and wonder what else he might say if you keep attacking him like you are. Then, have a good chin wag and pass the peace pipe around the room. The choice will be clear to you all. It’s time to switch sides and back Donald Trump. So make it so, and that will be that and all will be glorious.


The art of the deal.

After Trump’s victory, we will happily accept invitations to the Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, and Davos conferences, as well as memberships in Bohemian Grove and such. We shall offer candid, confidential, and esoteric advice on the new geopolitical situation being mapped out by the New Elite of the Alt-Right. We will be more than happy to act as go-betweens in any offers of tribute and notes of respect to the camp of the New Emperor Trump. Gearing and greasing the wheels of a world where Trump and the Globalist Alliance can work together will be a pleasure—all for a modest fee, of course.

But all jokes aside—let’s get this New Alliance going:  globalist money, power, and influence combined with Trump’s vision, nationalism, and “Make America Great Again” ethos. How can we lose? With the Alt-Right at your elbow, we will be a much better nefarious elite than those idiot Neo-Cons ever were. For a group of people who secretly want to run the world, you are doing such a bad job right now! Let us on the Alt Right show you how it’s really done. Get Trump in the White House, Globalist chums, and back off from this terrible World War III with Russia—bad idea—and then let’s begin to have us some real fun! Onwards!