Trump and the Metapolitics of Winning: Donald Trump and the Alt-Right

Richard Wolstencroft

Donald Trump is here for the win, here to set America Free and make it Great again! He just took New Hampshire and is now well on his way to winning the Republican nomination and possibly the Presidency. I thought I’d pen this essay to show my support for “the Don,” whom I like and endorse, and to also point out a few things as a foreign (Australian) observer of international and right-wing politics.

First, let me say that this is now looking like a two horse race – Trump vs. Sanders. Hillary, of course, still has a chance, but I think both the left and the right detest her so she’s done for, hopefully. The two true rebels and contenders for the POTUS crown are Donald J. Trump and Bernie Sanders. We got us a horse race, folks!

Before I begin to rhapsodise a little about Trump let’s look at Bernie. Bernie is a smart and compassionate left-wing Jew (the good kind, y’know?), who seems quite legit in his intentions and ambitions to go after the excesses and exploitation of the (often Jewish-run) big banks, Wall Street firms, like Goldman Sachs, US Big Media/Hollywood Circus, and the other large engines of U.S Capitalism. And for that, I think Bernie deserves some credit and even some respect from the Alt-Right.

Why? Because there is a possibility that only someone like Bernie – a compassionate left-wing Jew to be precise – could tackle such vast system of exploitation and commodification of human misery.


The energy of opposites.

Bernie appears to have had a decent win in New Hampshire – pushing Harpy Hillary into second place. That’s all good. But, as Trump might say about Muslims, “There is a problem,” the problem being that, if he were elected, he would face almost a complete revolt by the US political system, the ruling elite, the bureaucracy, and naturally the entire free market itself.

He could – and I say could – become one of the most dangerous presidential candidates in US history, leading the US to some kind of economic Year Zero and possible collapse. Conversely, it is entirely possible that he may not be able to achieve much – à la Obama – as the Senate will totally block him. I think, once again, left-wing people are being naive here. “Feeling The Bern” might lead to feeling the burn or simply the yawn.

Now the Donald! How can I sum up his appeal? First off he’s fun. He’s candid and jolly. He is a right-wing populist leader in the vein of Marine Le Pen, but a bit more moderate, like say Australia’s own recent Tony Abbott. Trump has swagger and charisma, too. He has a personal mythology and clout that he carries with him. His speeches are short and sweet (often light on detail) but big on ambition, scope, and vision. He also has a wonderful insider knowledge of what cunts mega rich people really are, and how they use their power and wealth to influence things, as he has undoubtedly done himself. He literally knows the names of – and has had dealings with – the 1000 or so most influential people in the U.S. This makes him a truly unique candidate. He is from the upper echelons of the 1% or 0.1% or even the 0.000001%, and he has seen the loneliness, greed, and ennui at the top – and has come back to Earth to help “the People” of The United States. God bless him!

Trump is both a Nationalist and Socialist, an interesting combo that twitches a few antennas on the Left. He will deliver on both sides – not everything, of course, as some of the promises will be BS – but on a lot he will. But he’s not a Nazi, as many have tried to imply. He may have a certain fascistic élan to him,  and could even be a “Transcendental Fascist,” but, in these tough times of endless US wars, destabilised regions, sabre rattling, global terrorism, ISIS, and financial and environmental collapse – perhaps a strong American leader, an American Putin, is exactly what is needed.


A nationalist and a socialist.

I think one of his great achievements is his advocacy of the Metapolitics of Winning. He has nailed it right there. This was one of the BIG problems with Obama. America feels and has felt like it’s been losing.

There’s the often true joke that when something goes wrong in the US, people say, “Thanks Obama!” Obama has even joked about this himself! That’s because at a metapolitical level Obama is a loser, and the American people’s decision to choose him as President was the act of a beaten nation or empire in decline. Trump is here to correct all that. Quick and smart. As he would say: “It’s time to start winning again!”

That kind of winning requires a fundamental attunement of Being itself towards a desire for victory, conquest, dominance, and the ability to take care of one’s own. These are all ideas that the Alt-Right should celebrate and reward. Trump is no wimp. His aim is delivering America from the darkness of Obama to a kind of New Dawn, a new Eisenhower era of mythical prosperity, comradeship, and happiness.

Trump is a true American. He’s the first right-wing US leader to decisively raise the issue of the United States’ refugee and immigration intake, and to talk about serious solutions, like building a wall to keep out illegals. He is also manifesting the civilizational energy that the West needs to overawe the Islamic World, and he also confidently talks about banning Muslims from flying to the US, invoking a world where Americans could once again simply walk onto planes without all the humiliating security. For people to hear someone in his position finally say, “We do have a problem,” with regard to Muslims – succinctly, resolutely, and with a hint of ominous threat – is an act of supreme liberation and empowerment. Outstanding!

His advocacy of US veterans from the various pointless invasions and destabilisation projects, and his scolding of other Republicans for not taking care of them, resonates in a similar way, and may even bring a tear to the eye of any U.S Patriot or ally of the U.S alike. Here’s a true and caring Nationalist, one who excites America’s allies as much as he does the Yanks themselves. He’s basically bringing back the American Dream, and this is being felt far and wide.

The Left totally misunderstands Trump. He has made many statements about limiting the power and influence of the 1%, and other even more socialistic remarks on health and education. The U.S Media universally ignores this in favour of stupid scare tactics, implying that he will be the “next Hitler” or something. He will be strong, yes, but more like Reagan with Eisenhower type values, than the irrelevant historical comparison the Left is so perversely wedded to.

His talking up of the idea of American “winning again” on the meta-level is a stroke of genius. When he lost Iowa, he immediately found a way to invert the narrative and turn it into a “win”: Something went wrong. There was corruption, a misunderstanding, a  bias in the debate, Fox news mischief, etc. 

This belief that you can take a loss and make it a victory anyway is an achievement in itself, and is exactly what the USA needs. There are many problems in the USA and Trump will take this negative and make them it into a positive. The bottom line is that it is all about believing in America’s Manifest Destiny again!

Trump is part showman and part front, sure, but a President should be that. America, as Brad Pitt so eloquently put it in Andrew Dominik’s recent gangster flick Killing Them Softly, is a business, so perhaps what it needs is a businessman. And Trump, say what you like about him, has been a good businessman. His shrewdness, slipperiness, deal-making ability, hype, arrogance, persistence and experience of coming back from losses is a talent, not a curse. The essential argument for Trump is right there in an America that is verging on financial and spiritual bankruptcy. This is a situation it needs to wheel and deal it’s way out of. Trump will be stellar at this.


Stupid people understand, and it’s tremendous.

There’s a video going around that heavily critiques the speech patterns used by Trump in the campaign. Such a stupid analysis! His speech in these videos is Machiavellian genius. That language he’s using – simple, repetitive, circular, non-PC, down-to-earth – represents a populist linguistic revolution. Very smart people to very stupid ones can understand it, just the smarter ones get to see what he is doing. And everyone, from the very smart to the incredibly stupid vote, so remember that one. That’s what Democracy is supposed to be about after all – rule of the mob, the great unwashed, etc. –read your Aristotle. You have to play up to that to win political power today. Trump is therefore very smart to be talking dumb to the masses, at times.

If Senator Sanders was as smart, he’d learn to talk that way too. But he talks like an Ivy League professor, or Noam Chomsky, or Larry David, and many working-class folks won’t get that. Like the Momus song I was a Maoist Intellectual In The Music Industry. Sanders will annoy many working class folks, as he is “three things the working classes hated: agitated, organised, and over-educated.”

People should stop thinking from naive perspectives, especially our friends on the Left, regarding this issue of language. It’s all a strategy of realpolitik – Google it! Most people have no real knowledge of political theory and philosophy – and in this case the naughty wisdom of Machiavelli. And if and when Trump wins, we can all laugh here at the Alt-Right, as we will have seen the future.

Trump has said in a speech that he hopes Bernie get’s the nom. Why? Because then he could just start calling him a Communist over and over in media. The US TV networks, shit scared of Sanders, would go all in with Trump, naturally, and would repeat it over and over. It would be “game over, red rover” for Sanders. Americans have an innate fear of the word “Communism” after growing up under the threat of the Cold War. In their minds, it’s like a giant spider – they think of it and instinctively recoil.

The Left is so naive (as usual) about these things, and its leaders have clearly never read Machiavelli with any kind of depth or insight. Here’s a quote from the master of statecraft, which perfectly sums up the Bern:

“A great many men have imagined states and princedoms such as nobody ever saw or knew in the real world, for there’s such a difference between the way we really live and the way we ought to live that the man who neglects the real to study the ideal will learn how to accomplish his ruin, not his salvation.”


Bale-ing out America?

Someone said on Facebook the other day – a Lefty – that he won’t support Trump “purely because of how rude, hypocritical, alienating of social, gender and racial classes,” he is. Erm, actually, that’s what so GREAT about him! He’s totally non-PC. He should write for Alternative Right! – hehe. He does not give a flying f*ck about Cultural Marxist bullshit and and its absurd litany of “trigger warnings,” “safe spaces,” and “micro aggressions,” and the constant kow-towing and throwing money to minorities and refugees. Not one little bit. Genius! And “Merry Christmas” too, bitches!

So there it is – Trump’s “The Man” in 2016.

Regarding online debates, Trump supporters, the “Silent Majority,” and those of us on the Alt-Right are in in congruence, with us as the the vanguard and them as the True Voice of “the People.” As such we should speak up.

The debate over Trump vs. Sanders is worth having, but try to be polite – like your mother taught you to be. I can see what is good about Sanders, sure, so why can’t the Left ever admit or see the positives of their opposition? They remain blindly sure of their world view, as if they have zero knowledge of Socrates and the importance in the Western intellectual tradition of always questioning your own beliefs. They are so intolerant, those who claim to love tolerance.

To be honest, if Sanders wins, it will at least be interesting to see how far he gets against Big Capital. I don’t mind Sanders. I like certain rebellious aspects of him. But in a choice of the two, I support Donald J. Trump, and think he is the most realistic and objectively the best candidate. He will get a lot more done, be action-orientated, “have game,” and will never be boring. In a word, he will win, and the American people with him. So, folks defend Trump, and let’s all limber up and get ready to start winning again this November!