Andrew Anglin’s Inverted Ghetto

Colin Liddell

Note: This article is reposted here purely for historical reasons, because, since it was published in 2014, Andrew Anglin and other Stormerists have largely come round to a similar way of thinking.

That comic opera political website The Daily Stormer has just launched another of its trademark frothing-at-the-mouth attacks, this time on noted nationalist vlogger RamZPaul.

The reason? Because Paul had called attention to the senate campaign of Robert Ransdell in Kentucky, a candidate who strikes macho poses and makes emotive speeches reminiscent of old newsreels of Hitler, with constant references to “Black savages” and “the Jews.” The two positions in this case, that of RamZPaul and Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, are of course well known to those of us on the alternative right.

Paul believes that the declared policies and rhetoric of Ransdell is a way of stigmatizing White nationalism and isolating it from the mainstream, in a sense “ghettoizing” it. Anglin thinks that Paul’s approach is soft and effeminate, and that what is needed is straight-talking and “men of action” like Ransdell – and presumably a Mussolini-style march on Rome. He is also not too keen on catching up with his reading:

“…the boys of American Renaissance and their comrades at Counter-Currents could go on talking and talking about all of the lovely intellectual reasons for White Nationalism for a million years, and the average person would still not care. They would never, in that million years, ever achieve the amount of publicity that Robert Ransdell has achieved in a week and a half.”

Behind this split is the idea of whether White nationalism is or should be an extremist ideology. Paul’s outlook and indeed his persona suggests that, essentially, it is not extremist, despite its current marginalization; and that it definitely should not be.

Anglin’s track record – using the crudest racist imagery and boldly associating his message with the most demonized members of the most demonized regime in the modern age (without even a hint of irony) – suggests that he thinks that it is and that it should be.

The Untermensch

Never forget irony!

This contrast alone should tell you who is on the side of the White Race, RamZPaul or Andrew Anglin; he who sees White racial interests as the concern of Whites in general or he who sees it as the concern of a small, bitter, Jew-obsessed minority.

But, while I generally side with RamZPaul here, there is a little to be said in favour of Anglin’s approach.

In his vlog RamZPaul goes slightly too far in disavowing negative emotions, saying, “Being pro-White doesn’t mean you have to hate other people.” But, of course, it doesn’t mean also that you can’t hate other people, which seems to be the implication.

Disavowing any human emotion – even so-called negative ones – is unnatural and wrong, and it is perfectly natural to hate certain things, even generalized groups. This is something practically everybody does anyway; at least judged by their actions, such as where they choose to live and who they associate with. Having said that, hatred, among the weak and the feeble, is often simply transmogrified fear, which is one of the odours emanating from The Daily Stormer and its audience, who feel attracted to Anglin’s schtick in the same way that poor, downtrodden Whites are attracted to monster trucks and professional wrestling.

Another minor point in Anglin’s favour is his readiness to attack and criticize the Jews – one of the great taboos unless you’re a left-wing supporter of Gaza! However, this also colours his views against those organizations like American Renaissance that, rightly or wrongly, have concluded that this is an unproductive strategy. Obviously, that makes them mere tools of the Jews, blah, blah, blah.

My belief is the common sense one that any group can and should be criticized for its collective behaviour, if that behaviour is adjudged or perceived to be a problem in some way. Examples: Black crime, Pakistan pedophile rape gangs, and, of course, all the evils that Whites are supposedly guilty of. Jews as a group should not be exempt from being called out for this of that attribute as it becomes apparent.

The problem, however, is that rather than using the data-driven model of respectable people like Professor Kevin McDonald, Anglin just dredges up all the outlandish anti-Semitic bilge that has been washing around the darker recesses of Western civilization since time immemorial.

Not only this, but Anglin also manages to weave this filth into a ridiculously paranoid world view in which the “evil Jew” seems to have supreme power to push the feeble White man deeper and deeper into the ovens of his extinction.

In other words, Anglin’s vision is nothing more than a form of Jewish supremacism and an inversion of the popular idea of the Holocaust, but with the racially aware White man forced to wear the swastika (in place of the Jew and his Star of David) – and presumably shave his head – and then confined by his general unpopularity into small, ghettoized areas, outside mainstream society and culture, perfect staging posts for the “Final Solution” of the extirpation of White identity from Western society.

From this, it is hard not to conclude that Anglin is a paid shill and agent provocateur, whose purpose is simply to infest and discredit White nationalism.

Of course, I could be wrong. The guy might be genuine, and he could even be 100% right. Maybe – just maybe – people like Robert Ransdell will start to get elected all over America, instead of picking up a few dozen votes from cellar dwellers. I can’t wait for election night and the vote count to find out the verdict on that one!

Also, who knows, maybe all those European nationalist parties that seem to be doing so well since they disassociated themselves from anything Himmler-shaped are also completely wrong. Maybe all their support will evaporate due to a lack of “Kike” cartoons, burning swastikas, and the paraphernalia of the death camp. In that case I will humbly apologize to that visionary genius Andrew Anglin.

Meanwhile in Europe…