Political Incorrectness and Bursting the Moral Bubble

Siryako Akda

Deep in the bowels of hate and iniquity, lies a board that is filled with even more HATE and INIQUITY. This board is filled with “Stormweenies,” “PUA womyn-hating serial killers,” “maniacal neo-nazi reactionaries,” “Cum-skins,” “Shit-skins,” “Butthurt prone AZNs,” “Merchants” and “Libertarians.”

This board, dear readers, is /pol/, which is short for “politically incorrect,” and this super secret cabal of cis-privileged right wing super-nazis will bring about “The Great Happening” that will merge Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Putin, George Zimmerman, Tila Tequila and Based Assad into the great hermaphroditic savior-messiah of the Western World.

Okay, not really, but /pol/ can be a very fun place to be in if you like your politics with a heavy dose of trolling, which is something that I occasionally enjoy. As a long time /pol/ack, and former /new/sman, I’ve enjoyed being part of /pol/ since the beginning, back when it was still 4chan’s /new/s board, before Mootykins, the site’s founder, pulled the plug because it turned into /Stormfront/.

Here, you will meet a wide range of very interesting people, including Afrocentrists, Libertarians, NatSocs, Monarchists, Anarchists (primarily AnCaps), White Nationalists, Identitarians, Persons of Color, Persons of No Color, Globalists, Ant-Globalists, Transhumanists, Stormfags, Trolls, Feminist Trolls, Jewish Trolls, Asian Trolls, Muslim Trolls, Statist Trolls, White-People-Who-Pretend-To-Be-Jewish-And/Or-Person-of-Color Trolls and Shills (/pol/’s infested with them), all of whom debate complex political issues, discuss metapolitical concepts and ponder current events:

Pic 2

Ironically, /pol/ is also perhaps one of the most “diverse” boards on 4chan, a site which is typically associated with white NEETs. This is particularly true in light of our obsession with the Zim Zamthe Dorner, Based Assad and Mimi Al Laham.

Now, readers of Alternative Right will no doubt have suspicions of anything that comes out of 4chan’s proverbial rectum, but /pol/, like all things politically incorrect, embodies a culture and a way of thinking which defies the zeitgeist. No, /pol/ does not offer a traditionalist point of view, nor does it represent any political solution to complex geopolitical problems. Rather, what’s important about /pol/ is the fact that it laughs, and this laughter is important because it is emotional (as opposed to intellectual) self-overcoming.

Much like the rest of 4chan, /pol/ is designed to mock and insult. In a more specific sense, it mocks and insults the moral pieties of the modern western world, relativizes them, and reduces their value as a moral standard. Regardless of whatever you might think about 4chan, it is not a place for intellectual exchange or rigor. It is rather an aesthetic medium, which like most of the internet, appeals to instincts, prejudices, tendencies and emotions. It is about unfiltered expression and emotions without confines. The rationalizations, statistics and arguments are merely an excuse for this expression, because in the end, that’s what freedom of speech is really about. It’s not about the free exchange of ideas, but rather overcoming the dangers of social and aesthetic dogma.

In this sense, discussions on /pol/ are not actually discussions. They’re more like performance art – offensive, paranoid, unstable and extremely [insert whatever catergory you like]ist – performance art, which possesses a general overarching theme as well as a variety of relatively entertaining memes.

So the important point to remember about /pol/, and indeed most of 4chan, is that it acts like a microcosm of moral collapse for various types of PC dogma. It is a place where the moral bubble no longer exists, and in /pol/’s case, this moral collapse manifests itself as the over “leveraged” racism that Colin Liddell talked about in The Broken Whip of Our Masters. Because when one introduces political pieties into derelict spaces, like 4chan, said pieties are deterritorialized, and they become abstract shoulds which have no meaning. It is at this moment that the moral bubble begins to burst.

This moral collapse among the denizens of /pol/, however, is not a descent into nihilism or moral relativism, but rather an attack on social pieties as they relate to existing moral norms. It laughs and mocks that which is considered to be Good and Noble (with capital letters and italics) in modern society. It no longer cares about labels or the concerns, the arguments, and the niceties which offer them value and importance. Appeals to decency and humanity don’t matter either, because sites like 4chan are not meant for the bien pensant. They are derelict spaces, which operate under entirely different values and moral codes.

Therefore, /pol/ much like the rest of 4chan, is a space for moral outsiders. This space is necessary, because it creates its own culture, a culture which is based on its own ethical structure, and which is answerable to a different value system. This culture does not seek to eliminate the problems that modern society wants to solve, but rather to diverge from them, to step over them, and to overcome them. That is to say, to become different from them, as opposed to solving them.

In this divergence, there’s no longer anything wrong with racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, fat-shaming, queer-shaming, etc… etc… These things – once considered so important – no longer matter, and are no longer relevant to people who view and think in a different way. When people no longer care about the evilness of discrimination in all of its various characteristics, the morality of victimhood will cease to matter as well. It is this freeing from morality, from moral injunction, which is the important aspect of being politically incorrect, because it is only by overcoming established morality, that tool of respectability and acceptance, that freedom of speech and thought exists.